Transcontinental railroad

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  • Transcontinental Railroad Railroads

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    Railroads were a huge step in innovations for the United States. The transcontinental Railroad was Built from 1863 to 1869. Taking over six years, the railroad stretched almost 2,000 miles, connecting the Mississippi rivers to the Pacific Coast in San Francisco. Although the transcontinental railroad was one of the biggest things to happen in the railroad industry, there was many other railroads that caused significance. Through the 1850’s and 1860’s alone over 50,000 miles of railroad were built

  • The Transcontinental Railroad

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    America’s Transcontinental Railroad Since the beginning of recorded history, mankind has been caught in the middle of being frightened by the unknown and having an intense desire to explore and conquer it. The magnetic draws of potential land, wealth, and happiness have been perpetually found in juxtaposition against the possibilities of exotic foes, disease, and ultimate death. The concept of the desire to command the unknown frontier is clearly seen in mid­nineteenth century America, and has been

  • The Impact Of The Transcontinental Railroad

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    “Before the building of the Transcontinental Railroad, it cost nearly $1,000 dollars to travel across the country. After the railroad was completed, the price dropped to $150 dollars.”( Staff). Prior to the railroad the average citizen of America could not afford to travel across the country cheaply. America waited for a means of transportation which would connect them from the Western to Eastern states. The responsibility of creating the railroads were left up to construction companies

  • The Transcontinental Railroad And The Railroad

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    The Transcontinental Railroad Amid the 1800’s, America was experiencing a period of development known as the Industrial Revolution. America was in its first century of being an autonomous and creative nation. One of the greatest commitments to this huge innovative progression was the foundation of the Transcontinental Railroad. The westward expansion designed to be the key to a nation-building project and a change for the United States.[1] The Pacific Railroads cleared the path in which built

  • Constructing The First Transcontinental Railroad

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    Constructing the first transcontinental railroad in the United States of America was arguably our country's crowning achievement for engineering ingenuity and determination in the 19th century. The railroad was a herculean of a task that required extensive proper prior planning, muscle, blood and tears that has rarely ever been seen before or to this day. In addition to the brains behind the operation and the labor force that drove this project to completion, the railroad companies (Central Pacific

  • The American Transcontinental Railroad

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    circulated about a railroad that would spread across the continent from East to West. Republican congresses ruled for the federal funding of railroad construction, however, all actions were halted for a few years on account of a war. Following the American Civil War of 1861-1865, the race to build transcontinental railroad began in 1866. Lincoln approved Pacific Railway Act of 1862, granting two railroad companies the right to build the first American transcontinental railroad, (Clark 432). The

  • The Civil Of Chinese Immigrants On The Transcontinental Railroad

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    labored on the Transcontinental Railroad, a previously unparalleled project to connect the American West Coast with the American

  • Problems Of The Transcontinental Railroad

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    Acheampong Prof. James Garcia US History 102 11/30/2017 Transcontinental Railroad Transcontinental is going across a continent, and transcontinental railroads are the means that are used to go across continents from Eastern to the Western part of United States. The Union Pacific railroad offered railroad transport from New York on the Atlantic Coast, all the way to California, on the Pacific Coast of United States. The project of the railroad terminated in 1869, which was pioneered by two companies

  • The Purpose Of The Transcontinental Railroad

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    The Transcontinental Railroad Have you ever seen a railroad? Well, there was a time when railroads were desperately needed. This was the time of the Transcontinental Railroad. In my paper I will explain the purpose of the railroad, challenges the workers faced, and the results of the finished railroad. To start, I will explain the purpose of the Transcontinental railroad. In Source #1”Full Steam Ahead The Transcontinental Railroad”, it says “People had been asking for coast-to-coast rail travel

  • Challenges Of The Transcontinental Railroad

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    The Transcontinental Railroad was a great engineering achievement that brought a more efficient means of transportation from the Eastern United States to the Western United States. There were many challenges for the development of a project that everyone agreed was necessary for the development of the country. These challenges included a nation that was divided by the Civil War, as well as how such a project could be financed and planned for. The completion of the Transcontinental Railroad rapidly