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  • Asymmetrical Relationship Between Government And Transnational Crime

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    Naim (2005), he suggests that the asymmetrical relationship between the government and transnational crime groups create a struggle for the government to respond to these transnational crimes at a decent rate (Naim,2005). On the other side our reading in McMafia: A Journey Through the Global Criminal Underworld by Glenny (2009), suggest otherwise. Glenny (2009) suggests that of a relationship between transnational crime groups, the public, the government and this is a huge aspect to how the government

  • Tackling The War On Drugs ( Cd ) And Combating Transnational Crime Organizations

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    INTRODUCTION Tackling the War on Drugs (CD) and Combating Transnational Crime Organizations (TCO) is an important national security problem. While addressing this issue in a scholastic forum, I immersed myself into this problem set using the guidance of assuming the role of Colonel Tim Killian. Utilizing the provided case and the ADIA framework and course concepts, I reviewed and assessed the information presented. The goal of Joint Task Force North (JTFN) J-5 is to develop a “strategy for military

  • Transnational IT Operations

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    �PAGE � �PAGE �1� Running head: TRANSNATIONAL IT OPERATIONS TRANSNATIONAL IT OPERATIONS University of Phoenix CMGT/578 CIS Strategic Planning February 7, 2011 � TRANSNATIONAL IT OPERATIONS A transnational company is a corporation that is registered and operates in more than one country at the same time (West's Encyclopedia of American La., n.d.). A transnational corporation has its headquarters in one country and operates wholly or partially owned subsidiaries in one other, or many other

  • Transnational IT Operations

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    Transnational IT Operations Introduction Enterprises are having to quickly change their value chains and supporting subsystems, processes, platforms and procedures to more effectively support globalized operations. Despite the common assumption that globalization and transnational IT operations are undertaken for cost reduction, a more common motivation on the part of enterprises is to capitalize on the unique expertise and knowledge in a given country or region (Gill, 2011). From this vantage

  • Transnational Migration

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    Transnational migration has affected me locally, my father now works for a German company, and they bought the company he works for. It has been an adjustment for him and for us, there’s a lot of stress as the work culture changes at his company. In my case our local community has also changed, there are a lot of Germans that have relocated and there is now a blend of German speaking people in the community. We often frequent Oktoberfest at the neighbor’s house. For me it affected my school, with

  • The Benefits Of Transnational Adoption

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    Transnational adoption also provides adoptees with access to first-world medical care that is unavailable in their countries of origin, especially in their previously homeless or institutionalized state. Children institutionalized in impoverished countries are, undoubtedly, vulnerable to a variety of illnesses and diseases. Transnational adoption allows for these children to receive quality medical care from professional services. The Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU, for example, has a “multidisciplinary

  • Essay on Transnational Cinema

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    questioned in global screen due to the influences of transnational cinema and Diasporas in different places, this clip question further the possibilities in future transnational cinema. Through the emergence of cinema styles, all films are to be considered transnational. This essay will argue that transnational cinema could be emerging to a new level in the film industry. The clip provided with the essay explores the potential of transnational films with the context of films studied included in this

  • Transnational Cultural Resistance

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    Transnational cultural resistance is similar to Leisy Abrego argument on Salvadorian Identity because of culture and power as being inclusive to borders and family dynamics being linked across various barriers. In relation to Abrego and Stephens argument about survival and resistance, the power of matriarchy in both these communities exemplifies the leadership of women as the driving leaders of revolutions. The construction of borders are mechanisms to not only divide communities, but also creates

  • The Consequences Of Transnational Gangs

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    Transnational gangs are criminal groups that extend their illegal activities across national borders. Examples of transnational gangs include Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) and 18th Street Gang (Gray, 2009). They are dangerous to local communities where they carry out illegal activities, such as human trafficking, robbery, extortion, murder, rape, and drug dealing. With soaring revenues from transporting and selling cocaine and crack, the inter-gang violence and bloody territorial disputes have spread

  • Aspects Of Transnational It Operations

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    Aspects of Transnational IT Operations The social, economic, and technological market places are incorporating information technology (IT) systems in many countries that support the activities of a business. Competition throughout several industries have brought about many new changes, but specifically, a growth of transnational opportunities. “A transnational business conducts operations in several countries with varying degrees of coordination and integration of strategy and operations” (Basu