Treading water

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  • The Psychological Effects Of Night Terrors

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    Within a week of my birth, my parents sent me to a myopically conservative ship community to prevent exposure of liberalism to me. Unfortunately, I felt nothing but alienation due to my inability to relate with my peers, but relocation was unattainable. My deep desperation to escape my world of torture caused the onset of night-terrors. Because of the potential violent qualities of night-terrors, I decided to keep a journal to provide future references and to monitor my psychological changes. At

  • My Experience After A First Job

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    Throughout my life I have been privileged with many lessons, some taught by my own mistakes, other’s guidance, or through my own interests and determination. I approach each mistake as simply a way to learn more, so I don’t have to repeat that ever again. One format that I have learned from is my experience in getting a first job. The path I took in achieving my goals for that job and being finally hired is something I never want to forget, because it teaches me a very, very simple lesson that many

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    called to my dad as I doggy-paddled towards him in the water. “Okay, but just one more time Cruz. Then daddy needs a rest.” He look at me with so much love in his eyes. He lifted me up under my armpits and picked me up high. “Ready?” He asked. “Yes! Yes!” I giggled, looking down at him. He dipped me down a little before lifting me all the way up and tossing me sideways into the waves. I laughed as my head reemerged from the water and kept laughing all the way until we had made our way

  • PE Classroom Pool Analysis

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    In the pool phase of the PE class, we learned three major components: how to kickboard, how to tread water, and how to do different strokes. To start off each day in the pool, we warmed up using kick boards and had people start on each side of the pool. When using a kickboard, we must make sure our two hands are at the top of the board. The way we used the kickboard involved kicking in the way of the freestyle stroke. Watching the youtube video, I learned kick boarding is described as allowing you

  • Explain How To Teach Children To Swim

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    helpful skill to learn for people as it is great exercise and fun to do. This can be a frustrating job but is worth the trouble. The first thing to teach children is to put their face in water and blow out of their nose. This is vital to teach early on in order for them to grasp the concept that they will not get water in their nose. They really have to figure that out for themselves, but you must in order to guide them in the right direction. Still during day one, you should have the child sit on

  • Personal Narrative: The Floating Irishman

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    A few years back on a perfect summer day, my friends and I decided to go out on my boat, the Floating Irishman. My dad, the captain, began to sail off out of the marina into the nice calm water; it seemed like a perfect day to go out. We went out about ten miles away from the marina and decided it was a terrific spot to throw out the anchor. Once we were securely into the ground below, we threw out some floats attached to the boat and started swimming. My dad had given us a few safety precautions;

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    It was a perfect day to be outside. No breeze to blow clouds in front of the sun that was making my brother and I faces bead with sweat as we hopped out of his SUV. The drive through the gravel backroads was harsh. We were bouncing everywhere because he needed to replace his shocks on his red 4 runner. “This is the place?” I looked around at all the dead grass and juniper trees. “We have to hike a few miles to get to the falls then we will jump off there.” Ezra, my almost 18 year old brother said

  • The Kiss Movie Analysis

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    Simpson and Simon Yates. Amie and Steph are first introduced riding down a path in the middle of nowhere, drunk and coming back from a party, which leads to the complication displayed in ‘The Kiss’. Both girls decided to go swimming in a water tank, however, the water tank had no exit, something the girls forgot to look for because they were drunk. This introduction is completely different to the introduction of Joe and Simon in ‘Touching the Void’. Both men are introduced when talking about their 1985

  • Chemistry Experiment Essay

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    the volume increases then the density of the liquid sample will decrease. 4. A solid block of exactly 100.0 cm3 has a mass of 153.6 g. Determine its density. Will the block sink or float on water? Density (d)=m/v = 153.6g / 100cm3 = 1.536 g/cm3 Since this solid block is more dense than water (1.536 g/cm3 > 1 g/cm3) it will sink. 5. A salvage operator recovered coins believed to be gold. A sample weighed 129.6 g and had a volume of 15.3 cm3. Were the coins gold (d = 19.3 g/cm3)

  • Essay about Chemistry

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    presented in water. The removal of the PHAs are done by using absorbent material. In this experiment we tested Bentonite clay and charcoal by finding the absorbency of both. The results we came to is the clay is the better absorbent. Introduction Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) are 16 different pollutants together. Eight of these are considered carcinogenic, while others can lead to mutations of wildlife that encounter them. Humans can come into contact by swimming in water where they