Treasurer of the United States

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  • Tim Salvesen Case Study

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    GridLiance Corporate Controller and Treasurer Tim Salvesen An experienced accountant and financial services executive, Tim Salvesen holds both a bachelor of science and a master of science in accounting from Northern Illinois University. A licensed certified public accountant (CPA) with the State of Illinois, he holds active membership in the American Institute of CPAs and the Illinois CPA Society. Tim Salvesen also completed inside utility accounting and financial reporting training on Federal

  • Career Options For A Finance

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    16). The treasurer and his or her staff will also handle investment duties. These investments may include but is not limited to investment in employee retirement funds. A treasurer of a company may also be responsible for overall cash management of an organization. Cash management will include duties in the area of capital-raising and establishing and maintaining good relationships with commercial banks to solidify timely deposits for money earned and owed by the company. A treasurer will add

  • The Government Structure Of The State Of Pennsylvania

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    The Government of Pennsylvania is the government structure of the state of Pennsylvania as established by the Pennsylvania Constitution. The Pennsylvania General Assembly is the state legislature of Pennsylvania. The legislature meets in the Capitol building in Harrisburg. The General Assembly is a bicameral legislature. The name of the legislative branch in Pennsylvania is the PA General Assembly. Pennsylvania has 253 members in total. 50 are in the senate “the upper house” the other 200 are in

  • Review the Video Whistleblower Fired for Exposing Truth/Corrupt Government Contractor and Write a Paper Analyzing How Theory Affects Practice.

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    Whistleblower Fired for Exposing Truth/Corrupt Government Contractor By Yolanda Holmes Capella University Abstract Navy performed limited background checks on Thompson and Salvatore Carabetta when project was granted. Shaw Group and Carabetta were feuding during project, company rejected warnings from whistle-blower John Jack, costs escalated and components of houses were downgraded without Navy approval. Navy couldn't get documentation out of American Eagle, Navy didn't act quickly on information

  • Executive Summary

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    Due to personal reasons, United Master Executive (MEC) President, Ken Diaz, was not in attendance at the Summer 2017 regular meeting of the United MEC. The President’s Report was given by both the MEC Vice-President, Adam Novish, and MEC Secretary-Treasurer, Jeff Heisey. Adam addressed the United MEC and provided several updates on issues currently impacting Flight Attendants. He gave a brief overview of the state of the airline industry, including the announcement of John Slater who is the successor

  • The Corruption Of The Fraud

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    located approximately 100 miles southwest of Chicago. Until 2012, Dixon’s claim to fame was being the town where, 40th President of the United States of America, Ronald Reagan grew up (City of Dixon). Today, in addition to hosting a future president for 22 years (City of Dixon), Dixon, IL is known as the location of the largest and longest municipal fraud in United States history (Mathieson, 2014). This paper will examine the main players in the fraud; how the fraud was carried out; the laws and procedures

  • 1. What Position Are You Applying For A President, President, Or Secretary-Treasurer

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    Vice President, or Secretary/Treasurer? The position I am applying for is ASB Secretary/Treasurer. 2. Why do you want to be a class officer? Be honest. Being a class officer allows me to help others as well as to improve myself. Most of all, I believe I’ll find a lot of fun through it. I love managing things, from money to plans, my parents can say that those are the things that I would jump to my feet to take into task. Hence, being an ASB Secretary/Treasurer, I can bring my skills and interests

  • Alexander Washington : The Founding Father Of Alexander Hamilton

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    battle success with him being a very good leader and fighter in battles. He was known for his winning of battles and wars and he led people to victory. George Washington thought Alexander was a very successful man so he appointed him to Secretary/Treasurer when George was president.A summary of the great founding father Alexander Hamilton is he was born on January 11, 1757 but his exact birth is still unknown. “He was born on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts to his mother Rachel Fawcett and his father

  • Characterism In The Prince By Nicolo Machiavelli's The Prince

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    argues in chapter seventeen that a ruler should be feared by the citizens as long as he or she avoids being hated. Machiavelli states that every prince should aim to be fair, or in other words neither feared nor loved. Machiavelli explains that if being fair is not a choice then the ruler should choose to be feared because the purpose of a ruler should have his or her kingdom united and loyal. A ruler that is loved by the community has the citizens’ loyalty preserved through friendship, and this type of

  • Case Analysis : Orange County

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    OC’s Profile Orange County is a wealthy county in the state of California. The protagonist of the bankruptcy was the long time Treasurer-Tax Collector Robert Citron, who was in charge of the investment pool that was worth $7.5 billion dollars. In the 20 years before 1994, Citron made impressive achievements upon the management of investment management. The overall return of the investment pool, and the treasury Commingled Pool of Orange County was much greater than the performance that represented