Trench coats in popular culture

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  • Short Story

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    "This is the last step to your initiation. You must jump from this tower" said the tall slender man wearing a grey trench coat similar to those in the Matrix. Garroth creeped slowly to the edge and choked. "Can I trust you on this one?" "Yes" said the slender silhouette. "Is it safe?" "I already answered that question when you asked if you could trust me." Well, as far as Garroth knew, this was the same mysterious trenchcoated person who had guided him through all the earlier rituals and challenges

  • The Slap Short Story

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    these incidents because it is a violation of their security and safety. The slap is not so much a physical attack as it is a mental attack. The town as a whole is affected by the fear of being slapped and gives into that fear by no longer wearing trench coats, making sure their houses are secure more than before and by parents walking their kids to school and picking them up. At the beginning of the story, the town is described as a safe community with nice houses and a wealthy demographic. There are

  • Burberry Brand Life Cycle : Burberry Essay

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    in 1880 Growth (1910s~1950s) During the WWⅠ(1914~18) Burberry was commissioned by the war office to design a new uniform for the British officers and it is the origin of Burberry’s iconic trench coat and the trademark Burberry Check pattern. In 1960s, Burberry trench coat was worn by top celebrities in popular movies and Burberry’s fame became further higher accordingly. Maturity (1960s~ mid1990s) From 1967 Check used for umbrellas, scarves, luggage (Barton and Pratley, 2014). At mid-1980s, exports

  • Stereotypes Of American Culture

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    Several times during our interviews, Fe would use her smartphone to look up facts about her culture, so part of me wondered if I could have done the Internet research myself without her. However, Fe mainly used the Internet to confirm the words that she already knew and was able to supplement these general facts with her own personal experience. Some of the words that Fe used to describe the different types of Indian clothing were sal war, sari, jutti, kurta lungi, and achkan. Fe made sure

  • How Did 1571 Influence Elizabethan Fashion

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    England and was spun and woven. Likewise, during WWI, cotton was a very popular fabric. However, the price of raw cotton (from America) was extremely expensive as cotton was needed at the war front (Tortora

  • Columbine High School: The Day That Shocked The Country

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    Columbine High School: The Day that Shocked the Country Do you feel safe in school? In the book C​hicken Soup for the Teenage Soul: On Tough Stuff,​there was a story called “Building Bridges” which was written by a boy who has witnessed the most shocking, a​trocious e​vent until 9/11: the Columbine High School shooting. The boy, Charlie, had been in choir practice at the time of the shooting and survived with only minor injuries. His story made me think about this situation and made me want to learn

  • Hegemony and Youth Culture

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    understand the difference between dominant groups in society that have power and that use “intellectual and moral leadership” in an attempt to win over the less powerful submissive groups (Storey 8). In this way, hegemony will be demonstrated in youth culture. Willard states that the cultural authority of the dominant society must be questioned as to its legitimacy in the dominant role as the authority plays an important role in its production (739). Talcott Parson (qtd. in Osgerby) says that youth in

  • Role of Women in Horror Films

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    Good Evening, I’m here to talk about the Stereotypical portrayal of Women in horror films. Since the horror genre is quite a broad category, I’ve decided to focus mainly on Slasher films, a subgenre of horror film. Traditionally women are represented in horror films are blonde hypersexual damsels in distress with a seductive body language and strong make up being attacked by the killer because they have committed a sinful act. You may have noticed that the young girls that do get killed

  • Difference Between Modernist And Modernism

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    Post-modernism is made up of many sub-cultures and genres with different particular aims. The best, simple definition which we can use is that post-modernism is a reaction against modernism and responds to the social and political issues of today. Modernism was destined to disappoint as it continued

  • Bob Marley’s Spiritual Rhetoric, the Spread of Jamaican Culture and Rastafarianism

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    Rhetoric, the Spread of Jamaican Culture and Rastafarianism By Mark Haner Senior Seminar: Hst 499 Professor John L. Rector Western Oregon University June 16, 2007 Readers Professor John L. Rector Professor Kimberly Jensen Copyright © Mark Haner, 2007 The spread of Jamaican culture and Rastafarianism can be accredited to many events and technical advances in communication. Bob Marley is one of the main influences the spread of Jamaican culture and Rastafarianism due to the lyrical