Tress MacNeille

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    It was a fine, summer, Saturday when everything changed for a young teenager named Miller Frederick. School had already started for Miller and he was at a new school. That summer, his family had moved from Pensacola, Florida to Dewitt, Michigan so Miller didn’t have many friends. He lived in a very rural area so he didn’t have many neighbors he could hang out with. Miller had just gotten back from his first day at his new school and he became friends with another new kid from Germany. His name was

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    “Where did you get that?” she gestured to the small mask in my hands “Goodwill. I actually found it on the floor in a pile of stuff, but… I just had to buy it. It’s so sparkly, I saw the chin piece glimmer as soon as I rounded the corner.” “It’s creepy” my mom replied. “Why is it frowning? What is it supposed to be?” “I’m not sure” I admitted, selecting my next words carefully. “Can I keep it?” “Let her keep it!” my doughty little brother chirped. She sighed heavily, unimpressed by his quip

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