Tropical agriculture

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  • What Is The Theme Of The Palm Wine Drunkard

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    “The Palm-wine Drinkard” is a short story that follows a man whose life was centered on the drinking of palm wine and with the help of his palm wine tapster, he could drink as much as he wanted together with his friends. His tapster finally dies after falling from a tall palm tree whilst tapping palm wine.The man who is referred to as the “palm wine drunkard” buries the body of his tapster and embarks on a very long journey to find him in the land of the dead, which reveals various supernatural encounters

  • Effects Of Climate On Small Scale Farmers

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    of metrology and other specialized centres. The observations are taken at standard pre-set places and time and monitor terrestrial, atmosphere and ocean systems. The variables of the major climate include; tropical cyclones, temperature, temperature of the sea surface, rise in sea level, tropical cyclones and wind speeds. A report by GCM suggests that the mean annual temperature for Jamaica will increase from 1.1 to 3.2 degrees by 2090. The report also suggests that the increase in range is 1.0 to

  • The Causes Of Deforestation In Nigeria

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    Deforestation is commonly known as the removal of trees or forests from an area which is transformed into a non-forested area. The most concentrated deforestation occurs in tropical rainforests. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, Nigeria’s land covered by forests shrank from 14.4 percent to 9.9 percent between 2000-2011 (FAO Country Programming Framework (CPF), 2013-2017). Furthermore, Global Watch Forest reported that Nigeria lost a total of 567,371 hectares of the forested area

  • The Effect Of Plant Richness On The Insect Community

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    The purpose of this study was to compare the insects of the meadow with insects of the wooden area. Hadded (2001) previously conducted an experiment on the effect of plant richness on the insect community in the meadows. He found that three type of results were present; some created abundance, some were unaffected and some had a positive effect on the plant’s richness. It was found that insects do contribute to its community and help with the growth of its habitat. The habitat in the meadow area

  • Cocoa Production in Ghana: A Mechanism for Biodiversity Conservation

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    Cocoa agroforests in particular, can create forest-like habitats, harboring tropical biodiversity in degrading lands . It is claimed that to date, biological diversity in cocoa production has been poorly studied, especially in the context of ecoagriculture, which is referred to as “land-use systems managed for both agricultural production

  • Guns, Germs, And Steel Essay

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    like, the Americas? Why didn’t every country develop to an equal pace in advancement? Diamond’s major theme is that environmental differences influenced the differences in the world’s society’s not different human intellectuals. He illustrates how agriculture, geography, and diseases influenced these changes. The earliest stage of human evolution came to be found in Africa. Human history began about 7 million years ago and came from a descendant of the gorilla line. These early humans known as Homo

  • Mesoamerica Domestication

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    region was the center of domestication in Mesoamerica (Pope et al. 2001:1370-1373). Compared to the highlands, not much was known about the role the lowlands of Mesoamerica played in plant domestication. This was because the humid conditions of the tropical areas of Mesoamerica often led to poor plant preservation. Studies focused on San Andres to observe the traces of maize cultivation. Researchers built on earlier research, combining data from sediment cores with data from adjacent wetland excavations

  • The Impact of Agricultural Subsidies Essay

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    Agricultural Subsidies The Impact of Agricultural Subsidies Many countries started to negotiate Doha Development Agenda under the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001. In July 2004, members in WTO reached agreement to make a reform in agriculture. One of focused things is to cut agricultural subsidies both in developed countries and developing countries. In recent several years, millions of people from both developed and developing countries give in response to eliminate agricultural subsidies

  • Essay on Food Security in the Democratic Republic of Congo

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    In DR Congo there are two main agriculture regions, Plains of the east and the south and the eastern highlands (The Washington Post Company, 2001). In the plains coffee beans, potatoes and leeks are grown, while in the highlands tomatoes, sweet potatoes, yum and pumpkins are grow as the

  • Africa Geography

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    associated culture that fits in with its specific geography and weather. Different foods and animals were able to be cultivated and domesticated based off the climactic zones, such as equatorial, tropical, and desert. Wetter locations favored grain-based agriculture, tropical forests favored root-based agriculture, and in the drier regions, hunting and herding was the best means of food. Civilizations living near lakes or rivers were able to support themselves by fishing. “The domestication of wild plants