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    In both of Emily Dickinson’s poem she refers to her sight. In the poem, ”Before I Got My Eye Put Out,” it’s about her lost of sight, but throughout the poem she has many metaphors about her lost of sight. Like in the first stanza she’s talking about how she liked and enjoyed her sight when it was good but didn’t appreciate it as much when she had it. Then in her other poem, “We Grow Accustomed to the Dark,” it’s saying how her sight is bad but she’s getting used to the dark and can get around much

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    Kelsey Bean 2/12/15 HIST 307 Prospectus The Eighth Century, although often over looked, held many events that marked the beginning of a drastic change in Europe 's economic and political systems. With increasing interest in trade with China and other Eastern Asian civilizations, and heavy friction among Byzantine, and Scandinavian loyalties, the fight for power within northern Europe’s trade routes began. Seedlings of Feudal law began to rise, most clearly seen with the emergence of the Vikings

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