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  • Infinite Truth

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    Infinite Truth Since the dawn of philosophical thought there has been a desire to find truth. Now exactly what truth is depends upon whom you ask. Philosophers have been searching for truth in various forms for at least as far back as Aristotle in the first century B.C. all the way up to Carl Hempel in the 20th century A.D. To Aristotle and Plato truth was reality; To Descartes truth was found in God; To Hempel truth was found in explanation. None of these are accurate and yet all of them point

  • Truth Essay

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    According to Dante, truth and dishonesty are viewed as the most sinful act to be done in the mid-evil period. In Dante's eyes, liars are sent to hell and truth holds a high standard to life, without truth one must face the consequence of lying. In today's society, truth is still important. Without truth there is no honesty and without honesty you cannot expect to maintain relationships. People may befriend you because of your lies, but you are not automatically assumed as a sinner. Whereas

  • Essay on The Truth

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    The “Truth”      Every thought that ever entered our mind is a consequence of our struggle to reach out for the truth. Since our early age we have been thought to believe that there has to be right and wrong and we continuously searched for the “correct” answer. Unlike school’s multiple choice tests, life thought us that there is more than one correct answer. At one point we learned that some questions don’t have answers at all, or they are way too complex for our mind to understand them. Yet

  • “Story Truth” and “Happening Truth” in the Things They Carried

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    Analysis “Story Truth” and “Happening Truth” in The Things They Carried Throughout The Things They Carried, by Tim O’Brien it is difficult to separate what is fictitious, and what is true. During the entire work there are two different “truths”, which are “story truth” and “happening truth”. “Happening truth” is the actual events that happen, and is the foundation or time line on which the story is built on. “Story truth” is the molding or re-shaping of the “happening truth” that allows the

  • Sojourner Truth And The Truth

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    Sojourner Truth was born in New York; around 1797, she was sold into slavery at an early age. She had many owners over the years. She married another slave from another farm and they had 5 children. After several years she ran away from her owner and went to work for a family as a maid. When she later became a free person, she became a Civil Rights Activist for women. Sojourner Truth was known for spontaneous speeches on racial equal opportunities. She was known for her speech “Anit I a Women “This

  • Three Types Of Truth

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    “What is truth?” It is a very confusing word since people cannot definitely describe what is identical truth. Where is the border of lie and truth which makes them different and separates them? People tend not to tell every detail, and it makes the other party understand situation in a wrong way. For example, one boy fought with someone in school also fell off stairs at the same time. Afterwards he goes home and his mother asks him “what happened to him?” He just tells her that he fell off the stairs

  • Absolute Truth Essay

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    quite simple to comprehend, however determining whether something is true or not isn’t the easiest of tasks. In order to determine if something is false, we must first establish what the truth is. The knowledge issue this brings up is: How do we know if absolute truth exists, and if it doesn’t what type of truth does exist? This is dependent on our perception of the situation and our ability to reason out a conclusion. For this essay I will use science, mathematics, religion and ethics as my areas

  • The Importance Of Truth In The Matrix

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    impossible to differentiate between truth and falsehood? The Matrix addresses this question when Neo awakens from the Matrix and discovers that he has been living in a false reality. He is told that this new reality is the truth, and that his life in the Matrix was simply a computer program controlling his thoughts and actions (The Matrix). The Matrix presents the idea that truth is equivalent to objective reality, in contrast to Kierkegaard’s belief that only subjective truth combined with faith is necessary

  • Justification And Justification For Truth

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    What is the problem of the criterion? The problem of the criterion is that any claim to truth must be justified in order to be shown a claim to truth. This justification, however, requires an argument which needs to be justified it as a legitimate way to show the original claim to truth. The problem of the criteria can be quite disturbing, because the validation that was provided then have to be justified. Meanwhile, if there is no proof to know that the justification that was given is true; then

  • Truth In Oedipus The King

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    There are three main ways people handle the truth, as illustrated by the main characters in Oedipus the King, The Death of Ivan Ilych, and Candide, or Optimism. While varying in effectiveness and methodology, they all start in the same way: with the characters ignoring or refusing to accept the facts that are in front of them. It is their reaction and the way they handle their changed world view that separates these three characters. They may be imperfect, but that is precisely the point. The struggle