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  • Absolute Truth and Personal Belief

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    Absolute Truth and Personal Belief are mutually exclusive concepts; however, personal belief without a foundation of absolute truth is dangerous to the human soul. Unless on the witness stand in a court of law, or the thought of facing their Creator in the afterlife, the average person hardly thinks about absolute truth governing their daily lives. Few people wish to hear the truth about themselves; people generally prefer to believe whatever makes them feel comfortable in the moment.

  • The Face Behind the Truth in Cinema

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    Oscar Wild once said, “The truth is rarely pure and never simple” and he is right. But no matter what the outcome is, or how complex the truth is, we will always strive for the truth. The concept of truth is no stranger to film documentaries, and one filmmaker that certainty was aware of that was Dziga Vertov. During the 1920’s Vertov created a newsreel series to promote the concept of ‘Kinopravda” which translated to English mean “Film truth.” Unfortunately, Vertov was ahead of his time, and this

  • Theme Of Truth And Lies In Othello

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    theme of truth and lies. In other words, Iago uses what he sees to push Othello to believe what he says is true opposed to Desdemona. As a result, Iago causes Othello to ultimately questions Desdemona’s fidelity. For that reason, the relationships in Othello revolve around questions without answers because Othello only questions Desdemona but does not question anyone else. Iago has Othello initially brainwashed to believe what he witnesses, but it is deemed ‘false’. Thus, the theme of truth and lies

  • Relativity Of Truth In Life Of Pi

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    Relativity of Truth The relativity of truth refers to truth relativism, which is the doctrine that there are no absolute truths. The truth is always relative to some particular frame of reference. An example of truth relativism is the “The Dress” trend which went viral because viewers disagreed over whether the colors of the dress were black and blue or gold and white. Because of how a human perceives the color, it could be either of these colors based on how a person sees it. The relativity of truth in the

  • Beauty Is Truth Short Story

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    Truth is the real beauty In the short story by Anna Guest, “Beauty is Truth,” the main character learned that to be beautiful is to be true to who you really are. The same concept applies for the article, “US Beauty queen Victoria Graham doesn't hide her scars,” written by Victoria St. Martin. These two sources have the theme that something beautiful doesn't have to be perfect or pretty, it has to be real and truthful. In the short story, “Beauty is Truth” written by Anna Guest, is about a girl

  • Oppression Of The Truth By Nikki Giovanni

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    Oppression of the Truth When a person grows up, they are in constant search of their identity, of who they are. Yet, the identity of a person is too complex for anyone to form assumptions about it because it involves more than one factor. The assumptions themselves may be insulting to others who has experienced the truth of their marginalized group. According to the poem Nikki-Rose by Nikki Giovanni, “I really hope no white person ever has cause to write about me” (73). People can never enter the

  • Essay on The Truth about Cannibalism

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    The Truth about Cannibalism Typical Western thought directs people to examine the practices of cannibalism as savage and primitive. More often than not, this type of association exists because the people viewing the action are frightened and confused by that which they do not understand. In fact, some would even claim that, “cannibalism is merely a product of European imagination” (Barker, 2), thereby completely denying its existence. The belief that cannibalism goes against “human instinct”

  • The Importance Of Truths In The Great Gatsby

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    Literature can often reflect ways in which humans idealize, or even deny, certain truths about their world. It is common for humans to dismiss their realities, as it is easier to have false hope in something, than accept the harsh truths of life. In The Great Gatsby, author F.Scott Fitzgerald’s characters Tom Buchanan and James Gatsby, both reject undeniable truths about their lives. Gatsby, despite what other people have told him, delusionally believes that Daisy loves him, and that nothing can

  • Trust: Truth and People Essay

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    are filled with imaginative humorous tales with epigrammatic dialogue. In the selected four stories titled, “Bigfoot Stole My Wife,” “I Am Bigfoot,” “The Tablecloth of Turin,” and “The Chromium Hook,” describes the concept and the difference between truth and reality, and what we choose to believe and not to believe. Credibility is one of the major themes addressed in the stories. It is also emphasized that determining between what reality is and what is not is a very difficult decision. Carlson

  • Pursuit Of Truth In Jasper Jones

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    into the characters’ pursuit of truth by exploring overarching ideas such as Fear, Racism and Scapegoating and linking them with character dialogue as well as narrator descriptions. The main truth presented by Craig Silvey is the investigation of Laura Wishart’s death, by pursuing this truth Charlie uncovers truths about his family and town. I believe that by using these overarching ideas, silver is able to offer us a deep insight into the characters’ pursuit of truth. The main focus of the novel