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  • West Side Story Essay

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    West Side Story 1. Point out how the general setting of the play is established. Give at least two examples. The play West Side Story takes place in a suburb on the West Side of New York City. We can conclude that we are talking about a socially disadvantaged suburb as the surrounding area is described with high brick walls, not very attractive and by the presence of the two gangs – the Jets and the Sharks. We are also able to say in which time period the actions take place. As an

  • West Side Story Analysis

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    ‘West Side Story’ is one of the most famous musicals in Broadway history. It is a re-telling and more modern remake of Shakespeare's ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ The same love story is there, just a more modern take on it. The slight modern message on inequality because of skin color is what makes it so modern. It has been revived many times and mostly it's always been a success. ‘West Side Story,’ is watched, taught and revived worldwide and will be for many generations to come. The producers were Robert

  • Compare And Contrast West Side Story And West Side Story

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    West Side Story is the iconic American musical that is a 1957 Broadway production choreographed by Jerome Robbins. Arthur Laurents is the author of the original book with the setting taking place in the upper west side New York city in a blue-collar neighborhood during the mid-1950s. (The Broadway) Because West Side Story is a movie musical, it will be a lot of narrative conveyed through the song. The movie West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet have many similarities and differences consider their

  • West Side Story Play Analysis

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    West Side Story is about a conflict between two rival gangs, the Jets and the Sharks, which comes to a head when Tony, a former Jets member, and Maria, the sister of the leader of the Sharks, fall in love. Although the play centers around Tony and Maria, the character of Anita (played by Karli Dinardo) caught my eye since she revealed her purple dress which was different from the reds of the Sharks and blues of the Jets and I found myself drawn to her in each scene she was present in. I also found

  • Movie: Tucker - Preston Tucker Essay example

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    Movie: Tucker - Preston Tucker Preston Tucker was a car-crazy kid who hung around auto speedways and grew up to create an automobile Tucker that was years ahead of its time. He was a man of pioneering spirit, ingenuity, and daring, who revolutionized Detroit in the 1940s with his stunning car of tomorrow. It was streamlined, futuristic, and fast the car every American dreamed of owning, at a price most people could afford. When he wanted to start to produce the car he faces a lot of barriers, an

  • Movie Analysis : ' Rush Hour 2 '

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    released in 2001 as a part two of a sequel, continuation of a successful story about two detectives, one from Hong Kong and another LA, solving international crimes together. The movie was shot in Santa Clarita California, starring Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, John Lone, Alan King, Roselyn Sanchez, Harris Yulin and Zhang Ziyi. "Rush Hour 2" is rated PG-13 for action violence, language and some sexual material (IMDB). The movie’s budget was $90 million and the box office was around $347.3 million, which

  • Let's Talk About Love By Carl Wilson

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    she truly had a major prompt effect to the by just having the best blend of melodic songwriting, punk shake force, and a motivated women's activist plan. The state of mind I had towards this band was sure and I was particularly inspired with Corin Tucker. She was the main most expressive vocalist in all of shake music I've heard in all my years and in the event that anybody has a reason to sing around the notes as opposed to hitting them precisely, it’s her. In any case, Corin hits each and every

  • Analysis Of The Play ' After Seeing Mary Stuart '

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    could see the Joneses dancing while the Smith’s were taking the breaks in between the argument. When the Johnson’s switched to the stage, I originally thought that it was a new day because at the end of the smith scene they were ordering dinner and the lights seemed dim. It wasn’t until Mr. Smith made the comment about making the salmon until I realized it was still that same day, just being shown from a different house. Again I wish there was a way the audience could have at least seen a small portion

  • Pursuit Of Happyness Themes

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    The movie “The Pursuit of Happyness”, is about a movie based on the life of Chris Gardner, who was a salesman with a strong commitment to his family. As Gardner struggles to get ahead, he faces countless adversities and found strength in knowing that he is going through this to make a better life for his son. Although Gardner and his son became homeless, he had a desire to have a better life. He also managed to find moments to help shape and mode his son’s education with teachable moments. People

  • Will Smith Research Paper

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    WILL SMITH 1968 TO 2017 Did you know will smith was rich before he was 20? Will smith has accomplished many films over the course of his Career. Will Smith was a rapper, Hollywood filmmaker, and had to take care of his family all at once. Family and early life Will Smith born and raised in West Philadelphia, and his mom was a school board administrator. His dad was a refrigeration engineer. Will Smith went to a private Catholic School. He has three siblings: An