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  • Key Elements Of Women In Mustang : Crench Film Turkish-French Film

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    Mustang is an internationally produced Turkish-French film of the drama genre that was initially released at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival. The film follows five orphaned girls residing with their Grandmother and Uncle Erol in contemporary conservative Turkey; when they are spotted socialising with a group of males on a beach, they are trained in activities such as cooking that are seen as being the role of women in Turkey. The film uses the key elements of film form in order to achieve this and

  • Global Opportunities for Turkey Essay

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    Global Opportunities for Turkey The world is becoming much more connected, especially in the last few decades. The idea of being free individuals has become more important, as well as free market economies. Some ideologies have collapsed because of their antiquated offers about the political situations, yet some of them are ruling the world in the last hundred years. But if there is something certain about the whole world, it is that globalization is affecting and changing it. Turkey is located

  • The Turkish Language Reform And Its Effect Of The Turkish Language Reform And Its Effects

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    The Turkish Language Reform And Its Effects Linguists consider language as a living asset. It rises, develops and eventually dies. If we consider the language our grandparents use, we surely remark some differences with our language usage. My grandmother still says “ bencileyin” instead of “ benim gibi” for instance. The improving technology, the intercultural attainability ,etc...bring new words into our vocabulary or change their actual meaning. Although language develops naturally through generations

  • My First Day Of School

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    job as an architect. It was important for me to know this will be her first year in school. Children in Turkey begin to receive a free education when they 6 years old. This differs from the U.S. because children can begin school at age 5. The Turkish tradition and culture is one with great influence from the surrounding countries. It is located in Western Asia between Europe. Istanbul is located between the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara. Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey with a square

  • How Traditional Clothing Must Be Addressed, Along With Textiles

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    Turkish business practices and procedures are much different than those in U.S. and other countries, so it is crucial for GAP to be aware of business etiquette before entering this market. For the Turkish, meeting times to discuss business practices are vital. Since religion is particularly important, members are expected to be on time, and to have organized

  • The Republic Of Turkey's Health Care System

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    Demographics Turkey is located in the Southeastern Europe and Southwestern Asia and is about the size of Texas. It is surrounded in the region by countries that are experiencing unrest and civil war, the continued surrounding instability worries the Turkish population (Atun, 2015). Turkey has the country of Iran to its east, Iraq and Syria to its southeast along with the Mediterranean Sea on its southern flank, Greece and Bulgaria to the west and north past the Black Sea is Russia, the Ukraine and Romania

  • Turkey As A Country State

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    Turkey Turkey in my opinion is one the most underrated countries in the eastern world. It is a beautiful country with an expansive culture and society. Turkey is essentially the bridge of where the East meets the West in that area of the world. Founded in 1923, Turkey to this day is one of the only country in the world with a Muslim Democracy. Its interesting political history combined with the rich culture that resides in Turkey creates a very unique nation-states. But how exactly did Turkey become

  • Case # 1: The National Socialists, Mid 1900s, Germany

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    decline beginning in the twentieth century. The Ottoman defeat gave new life to the nationalist, progressive, anti-monarchist movement of the early twentieth century. The leader of this movement was Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. In 1923, Kemal established the Turkish Republic and became its first president. The Ottoman Empire had ended. The change took place when Kemal began his mission to transform an empire of Muslim subjects into a modern, secular, and democratic republic of citizens. He abolished the sultanate

  • Social And Cultural Contributions Of Migrations And Globalization

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    However, there have been societies like the Nomadic Turks who helped developed civilizations. The modern world needs to learn how to resolve the issues of migration from these nomadic cultures. Between 1000 and 1500 CE, the fast movement of human interaction led to the rapid movements of technology and other advancements that drives our history. Multicultural associations were established and unite the societies of Europe and Asia. The migration of the clans and tribes of the Turkish peoples has fundamental

  • Cultural Culture In Turkey

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    Culture is defined as “the beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place, or time”, according to Merriam-Webster (2016). Even though Turkey as a sovereign nation is fairly young, it’s cultural roots can be dated as far back as Alexander the Great. The Turkic people have an extremely long history and a very diverse culture. Long before the establishment of the Republic of Turkey in 1923, the area had seen its’ fair share of war and strife. Since the Hellenization of the Anatolian