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  • Self-Change Project Analysis

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    I had my ups and downs through out my self-change project, which was to turn off the water when I brushed my teeth, to shorten my shower times and turn off the water, and to use a reusable water bottle. I struggled the most with turning off the water, when I brushed my teeth I just keep forgetting to do it. Towards the middle I was able to turn off the water more, but I did notice that during work where I have limited time and I am in a hurry I keep forgetting. Towards the end, I was more successful

  • Incredible: A Short Story

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    side of a mountain. I look to my right and notice how high up I am. I suddenly get this rare sense of acrophobia, so I let off the gas and press the brakes. As I press the breaks, I abruptly speed up instead of slowing down. I try pressing the gas and letting off the breaks to see if it will reverse the effects but nothing happens. As I look up ahead, I notice a dangerous cliff sign...and I'm racing straight towards it. My heart is in my throat as I try to turn the steering wheel but it won't budge.

  • Personal Narrative: Grace

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    we’re there. I hear my mom say “Finally, we’re here,” as she ripped off her seatbelt. She starts to yell at my brother as he’s opening the door before we come to a complete stop. As I turn to look out the window again, I’m the first person to see Grace. She was leaning up against the fence with a couple of her teammates. Without saying another word I rip off my seatbelt and fly open the door. I shut the door quietly so she wouldn’t notice we were there and waited impatiently for everyone else to get out

  • Frankenstein Narrative

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    is a set of lips. The voice is deep, "I didn't know it would be this easy. You practically fell in front of me to get me. I ain't saying no to a hot creature begging for a crazy night." I can feel the smirk form along this dog's face. I shove him off me, or attempt to. His weight is unbearable compared to my arm muscle, instead I had simply shifted him so that his face was on my chest. His eyes lit up, just as my anger did. As if it was an instinct, my knee jerks up and

  • Roderick Usher Downfall

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    The short story The Fall of the House of the Usher is a mind twisting tale that will make one question the peculiarities of this world. It brings up the capabilities of one’s mind and how what one sees and processes can lead to various things. Some people can be very influential, and can diminish others thoughts and mind, such as Roderick Usher. Unintentionally, he affects all of those around them, just like our narrator, who eventually joins him in becoming insane. At the beginning of the story

  • Pandanus

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    crazed tv host in hopes that it will distract him from his next kill. You turn ready to run, but then you hear a screaming noise coming from the killer himself. You turn around wondering

  • Summary Of The Short Story The Birds

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    and turns it into a far more threatening and ominous prospect. In the story, a lack of dialogue and intricate details help us picture the story. In the story, the birds symbolize the uninhibited and unbridled power of nature. This is shown most clearly in their violent and repeated attacks on humans. In one incident, the birds attack Nat Hocken’s house in the middle of the night, and Nat is forced to fight them off using a blanket. The main character, a protagonist named Nat Hocken, notices a change

  • Personal Narrative-She's In High School

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    to take a few steps closer to her. She can feel the hair on her skin stand up, as if she was a magnet attracting herself to someone else's energy. She's wondering why she's feeling this way as she raises her head forward to acknowledge him. She notices the light coming from the dusty window reflect on his features but before she can gather her thoughts for her response, someone roughly open the doors a floor below and yells, "WHO'S IN HERE." Elizabeth astonishingly looks at him in distress and

  • The Boy Who Could Turn Into Things And Wonder

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    stories The boy who could turn into things and Wonder are pretty similar in ways and are different in some ways. Both stories are made up and are made to teach us about bullying and to entertain us. But if look deep in them you will see that both stories (the boy who could turn into things and wonder) actually have some common things. In both stories the author teaches us making friends can only be done after you accept yourself for who you are. In the book the boy who could turn into things stuart baum

  • Tokyo A Dystopian

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    It suddenly starts to turn into a hellish nightmare. The colonel walks towards Kiyoko, she tells him about a dream she had about Akira. She warns them that he will return and destroy the city. Later on the colonel has a meeting with the head council about funding for the Akira