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  • Trip To America Journal Entries Essay

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    going to be a long flight but I'll check back in when we land. Just landed! I am so excited, but i'm so jet lagged. We have a 1 hour layover, then we board another plane to American Samoa. The only airports in American Samoa are on the island Tutuila. The

  • What I Am My Life

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    believe because I never had media, I was kept from bad people, and bad influences and pressure and I 'm grateful for that. The Island difference is completly different. The Big Island is actually very large compared in size compared to the Island of Tutuila. Pagopago, is the largest city on the island and its the type of town where everyone knows everyone. For instance, you go to the market, you pass the same people. But here, If you were to go walmart, you would probably recognize a few people, but

  • Analysis Of Margaret Mead's Coming Of Age In Samoa

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    On August 31, 1925, Margaret Mead arrived in Pago Pago, American Samoa to conduct ethnographic research on a particular problem. Prior to her arrival in American Samoa, Mead with the guidance of her mentor Franz Boas, decided to investigate the lives of adolescent girls in Samoa as a focal point of her research. Mead chose this subject matter due to her speculation that the period adolescence within the United States during the 1920s was filled with stress and a period of turbulence; therefore, Mead

  • Essay on Imperialism in Southeast Asia

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    Imperialism in Southeast Asia A. In the late 1400s & early 1500s, European traders explored the East Indies 1. In the seaports of these islands & on the nearby mainland a) Portuguese & Dutch merchants enjoyed a rich & active trade until the early 1800s. B. In the 1800s and early 1900s, European imperialism made its way to Southeast Asia as it did to nearby India & China 1. The area became an important source not only of spices but also of the world's tea 2. Later valuable

  • Reflection Paper

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    tropical islands. I know because when I was six years old my parents decided that our family of five should become missionaries in the South Pacific. In 2006, without much notice or discussion, we moved from South Carolina to the distant land of Tutuila, American Samoa, an unorganized, unincorporated territory of the United States located deep within the South Pacific. We lived there for four years, and they were the most interesting and formative years of my life. Before moving to Samoa, we lived

  • Tattooing In Samoa

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    Summer Wise Anthropology 314 J. Howell December 7, 2017 Tattooing in Samoa Introduction: why does this matter? Origin story and meaning The Samoans are an ethnic group that reside in Oceania, on the islands of Samoa, in an area of Polynesia. Samoa has been occupied by these indigenous people for about 3000 years, when they came from the west, occupying the islands of Fiji and Tonga around the same time (Barnes and Hunt 2005, 243). They carry many traditions with their culture, however, I will be

  • Theodore Roosevelt 's Impact On Theu.s Navy

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    Stefano Korkotas HH104: American Naval History Leader’s Paper Theodore Roosevelt’s Impact on the U.S Navy Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th President of the United States, as well as the Secretary of the Navy prior to his presidency. The man was a known intellectual, with strong diplomatic skills and a strong sense of accomplishing the mission. One of these missions was the establishment of a strong permanent Navy that would become one of the largest in the world, establishing the United States as