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  • Attitudes Between Men And Women

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    received the highest number of tweets about the WC before the election. RQ1: Attitudes according to gender While the negative tweets outnumbered the positive ones (31% negative versus 21% positive), the women tweeters expressed significantly more positive attitudes towards WC than the men tweeters did (X2 = .21, p = 0.01). Women contributed 385 tweets (38% positive, 36% neutral, and 26% negative), while men contributed 797 tweets (20% positive, 38% neutral, and 42% negative). The remainder of the relevant

  • Marketing and Tweeter

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    Case Analysis Tweeter etc. Company Overview Tweeter etc. was founded in 1972 by Sandy Bloomberg in Boston to sell high-end stereo components. The current portfolio of the company consists of brand stereos, television, car radios and car phones. Tweeter has recently witnessed a healthy growth in its financial performance. Sale has almost doubled in the last three years reaching $82.3 million in FY 1996. Its sales per store has increased by 50% and number of stores increased to 21 from 14 during

  • Jb Product Review Essay

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     Built-in crossover network JBL tries to solve the age old problem in 3-way speakers by ensuring a smooth transition between woofer and tweeter. This leads to an amazing midrange vocal.  Amazing tweeter While the size might fool you, JBL GTO638 holds much more power than you could guess. Its high-bandwidth tweeter sports a large voice coil like those in home theatre systems, providing us with a similar performance.  True 4 Ohm Technology JBL tries something new with a lower-impedance

  • Tweeter Case

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    QUESTIONS: Should Tweeter continue with its Automatic Price Protection (APP) policy along with Every-day Fair Pricing (EDFP)? Tweeter should continue with its current Marketing strategy based on APP policy and Every-day Fair pricing. Their target customer is the Quality/Service oriented and they should focus on retaining their loyalty. The shift from having continuous Sales Events to fair pricing and price protection has been proven successful as same store sales have increased, new stores have

  • Tweeter Etc。

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    Bloomberg, founder and CEO of Tweeter etc., reflected on the recent history of his small, upscale New England retailer of consumer electronics. Tweeter had grown from a 13-store chain with $35 million in annual sales in 1991 to a 21-store chain with $82 million in annual sales in 1996. Bloomberg had always attributed part of this growth to Tweeter 's ' 'Automatic Price Protection" policy, which had been implemented in 1993. Under Automatic Price Protection (APP), Tweeter monitored local newspaper ads

  • Tweeter Price Competitiveness

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    Tweeters price competitiveness From exhibit 13 in the case it is clear that Tweeter is price competitive in almost the entire range of items and models that it sells. In an objective model by model comparison (see appendix 1 for a sample comparison) Tweeter either matches or betters competitor 's prices. Further more when you compare quality and level of service and price paid Tweeter is cheaper than the competition. However, the competitors run spot sales (not advertised) and advertised sales

  • Tweeter Case Study

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    Tweeter Case Questions 1. Objectively and subjectively, is Tweeter price competitive? Why or why not? Tweeter is an electronics store that pride itself on selling middle and high end goods. To see if they were price competitive, we would have to evaluate them with similar stores like Cambridge sounds waves as opposed to Walmart. Before APP in 1993, it would not have been possible to evaluate Tweeter’s price competitiveness since there was no systematic benchmarking present. However with

  • New England Consumer Electronics Market

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    Tweeter etc. is a small, upscale New England retailer of consumer electronics that was founded by Sandy Bloomberg in 1972. During that time, there were two major retailers in Boston, Tech Hi-fi and Lechmere. To avoid direct confrontation, Bloomberg focused on the student market and emphasize a lot more on sophisticated tastes for higher quality stereo components. As time pass by, Tweeter build up their reputation and the public consider the company as a retailer of “high quality, high-end audio components

  • Summary: Upgrade Your Car's Sound System

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    full-edge sound that comes from sophisticated home audio speakers. Crank up the volume and the tweeters will still hold their shape. A 0 -3 tweeter attenuation lets you reach the exact sound you prefer. The dome shape tweeter provides excellent dispersion throughout the car, offering you a much better balance and flow. As a result, the transition between the high, mid-range, and low frequencies is smooth. A tweeter-level control allows you to set the output and mounting locations to your

  • Kicker Analysis

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    Each speaker has a "balanced dome" tweeter. This ensures a pure, in-depth quality and vigorous vibration. The power is real, and the product has a pair of polypropylene cone coverings on the tweeter. The voice coil is well placed and strong enough to accentuate the subwoofer and woofer potency. It also adds to the video in your car. The frequency response on the subwoofers, woofer and tweeters compare highly with any other speaker on the market. It also has a 4 ohm