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  • Lynden Transport’s Inbound/Outbound Freight Solution Essay

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    industry. Our solution is to use a collapsible twenty-foot equivalent unit to solve the problem of empty containers shipped back to the origination point. Some of the problems we will address are; the prices of shipping empty non-collapsible containers, the cost of new collapsible containers, what to do with the old

  • A Short Note On Hutchison Port Holding ( Hph )

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    expertise in terminal operations and to diversify their revenue geographically (Jean-Paul Rodrigue, 2010). The Hong Kong based Hutchison Port Holdings is the worlds largest container operator, handling in 2014 more than 82 million TEU (Twenty Foot Equivalent Units), a 6% growth rate in volume in comparison with 2013 (Linton Nightingale, 2015). HPH has one of the most technology-intensive commercial operations in the transport industry today, and this is one of the success factors. Currently HPH

  • Pacific International Lines

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    1. Introduction Pacific International Lines or PIL as it is commonly known in the market is a container shipping company started by Mr.Y C Chang in 1967. What he started as a 1 ship company is today the 19th biggest container shipping company in terms of TEU capacity & the 8th largest container ship owner. Ambition: Integrated shipping group with a meaningful market share by setting own pace of growth based on the group’s financial strength and human resource capabilities. 2. External Analysis:

  • The Intermodal Shipping Container is a large steel box that was created to transport goods by

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    The Intermodal Shipping Container is a large steel box that was created to transport goods by train, truck, or ship for around the last 50 years. The pioneer of this revolutionizing box goes is a man by the name of Malcom McLean who began his transportation interest with his trucking company (McLean Trucking) that he built into one of the nation’s largest. From there, he developed the steel container in 1956, which replaced the previous loading and unloading method known as the “Break Bulk Method

  • Transportation Is The Development Of Containerization And The Idea Of Intermodal Transportation

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    It is hard to imagine life in the 1950s. Many things have changed in every aspect of life, not restricted to transportation. One area that is especially interesting related to transportation is the development of containerization and the idea of intermodal transportation. The idea of using containers to transport goods has been around since 1792, when the British and French used wooden containers and transferred them between railcars and horse drawn buggies. Around 1953, Malcolm McLean, a trucking

  • Recommendation for Tasco Essay

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    Recommendation We did found some internal party of problem for TASCO. Firstly, the employee in different branches of office does not bond well together due to weak communication flow. We suggested that TASCO should transfer the employee to another branches of office for a few weeks. The purpose is to let the employee learning from different branches operations as well as getting recognize the employee from different branches. Besides, the employee may explore more to different places culture or

  • Existing Canals in the World: The Panama Canal and The Suez Canal

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    Introduction Canals are human-made and completely subject to the sovereignty of the state in which they are located. Canals are internal waters that have no right of innocent passage through canals. Typically, there are only two canals in the world - Panama Canal and Suez Canal. Panama Canal opened on 15 August 1914 with a total length of 80.5km (50 miles). Panama Canal is the integral link for shipping traffic from the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean in North U.S. (refer Fig. 1). Panama Canal consist

  • Panama Canal Expansion

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    American ports set record volumes as Panama Canal widening approaches first anniversary Ports across the southern US are reporting record trade volumes as the benefits of the huge Panama Canal widening project start to bear fruit almost one year on from its official opening. Furthermore, discussions are ongoing for changes to the Canal’s toll structure, and the conclusions and recommendations will be released later in the year. In a separate development, Panama has cut off diplomatic relations with

  • Containerisation

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    (Branch, 1996, p.194). The simple principle of the container has undoubtedly made the global economy grow, and brought the world closer together through ease of transportation (Wetherly & Otter, 2008, p.86-7). To be able to use one single sized unit for the transportation of goods was the ultimate solution to transporting cargo, which was becoming larger part of global trade, and helped put shipping into the modern age. In 1956, Malcolm McLean used an innovative idea to transport 58 trailer

  • Icd Dadri Visit

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    & Domestic cargo.  The Container Corporation of India (Concor) operates the country’s largest inland container depot (ICD) at Dadri in Uttar Pradesh. Concor is a Railway PSU. The Dadri ICD has been designed to handle 1 million TEUs (twenty feet equivalent units) of containerised cargo. It has the capacity of 4 lakh