Two-stroke engine

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  • How Atv's Work

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    should your quad drown out follow these four simple steps. (Microsoft Encarta 96 Internal Combustion Engine) Step one is to pull the quad out of the water. Pop the lid off the airbox to see if that 's where the trouble is. If there is water in the spark plug dry it off and set it aside. Dry with a cloth, if possible. If the air filter is wet ring it out. Step two is if it 's a four stroke, turn off the key and kick the water out. Watch it blow out the exhaust and cylinder head. Step three

  • Chainsaw Research Paper

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    and into the bar. Such other types of automotive oil or two-stroke oil, will not be able to move through the oil system properly. This will cause the piston inside the oil pump to stick and stop pumping. In a Bar However, some scenarios may occur when you are far from any store and there are only a few cuts left to complete the job. In emergency situations, automotive oil, two-stroke oil and other types of oil is much better in the engine than I do not use oil at all. Without lubrication the tip

  • Tracey: A Short Story

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    “Let’s wrap things up”, Mary said. Timothy, Tracy, and Mary were all in the process of closing Wal-Mart tonight for work. Timothy was grabbing his keys to head to the door when all of suddenly the doors slammed shut and locked. Mary, Tracey and Timothy all shot each other a petrified look. Not knowing what’s going on they try to get a hold of their manager only to find out they have no signal. While trying to brainstorm on what to do they hear the intercom come on. “Let’s play a game, hide and

  • Pros And Cons Of Chainsaw

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    OREGON CS1500 Self-Sharpening Electric Chain Saw: Product Review First rule of running a chainsaw: Never, ever work with a dull chain! One of the most difficult parts in owning a chainsaw is the upkeep that the equipment needs. Sharpening your unit is a seemingly tedious task that several people would rather leave to professionals instead of doing it on their own. Nevertheless, this practice may be quite expensive, especially if you need to sharpen several chains. Eventually, you will be torn between

  • 1.0. What is ontology? Basically, the term of ontology is derives from Greek and “onto” meaning and

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    1.0. What is ontology? Basically, the term of ontology is derives from Greek and “onto” meaning and “logos” interpreted as “science”, that’s mean ontology can be understood as a science or study of being. The word can be divided into two senses such as exist an entity thing. Other than that this word is about what to be or to exist. According to Nicola (2009)” the word ontology can be used with different meaning in different communication. John Sowa (1998) study found that subject of ontology is

  • Dirt Bikes Essay

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    DIRT BIKES      There are two basic types of motorcycles. One type is made for riding on smooth surfaces like roads or paved race tracks. These motorcycles are called road bikes. They are heavier, faster, and more powerful than off-road bikes. Off-road motorcycles, or dirt bikes, are lighter than road bikes. Dirt bikes are built to handle rough terrain like dirt, mud, and rocks.            Not all people use dirt

  • How ATVs Work Essay

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    The compression then stroke follows, and the charge is ignited when the piston reaches the end of this stroke. The piston then moves outward on the power stroke, uncovering the exhaust port and permitting the gases to escape from the combustion chamber.1 The four stroke model has four strokes instead of two. The strokes are Intake, into which a mixture of gas and air are pulled into the cylinder. Second, Compression, where

  • The Effect Of Outdoor Two Stroke Power Equipment

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    Abstract: The emissions from two stroke outdoor power equipment, light terrestrial vehicles, and marine vehicles are a significant detriment to air quality, human health, and the environment. Due to the mechanical nature two stroke engines operations, engines running on fuel oil mixtures that have been blended from biologically based oils generate far less Green House Gas emissions than two stroke engines running fuel oil mixtures blended from more traditional petroleum based outdoor power equipment

  • History of Motorcycles

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    Sylvester Howard Roper invented a steam-engine motorcycle that was powered by coal called the Roper Steam Velocipede. German, Gottlieb Daimler invented the first gasoline-powered motorcycle in 1885.

  • In Fact, In 1997, When Each Industry, Including Automobile

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    including automobile industry registered negligible growth, two wheeler industry registered 3% growth, quiet an impressive one, mainly due to the growth in rural demand. Market leader like TVS Suzuki, identify the reason to be good monsoon resulting in good agriculture production, support price policy in agriculture. Agriculturists are further supported but heavily governmental subsidies especially in fertilizer and power. Future of two wheelers seems quite promising, as long as middle class group