Type I and type II errors

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  • Symptoms And Diagnosis Of Antenatal Depression

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    Answers to the questions can result in scores of 0 to 30, with depression indicated at a cut-off score of ≥10 in postpartum studies (Cox, Holden, & Sagovsky, 1987). It is considered highly reliable for postpartum screening with a sensitivity of over 90% and a specificity between 77% and 88% (Chaudron et al., 2010). The EPDS is considered a more effective tool in antenatal screening compared to other recognized depression screening instruments such as the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression

  • Does Detecting Breast Cancer with MRIs Increase the Rate of Mastectomies?

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    cancer, because it has greater sensibility than mammography. But, opponents of MRI are concerned about this type of examination because of the belief that it may increase rates of mastectomy. However, different studies have been performed and no proof of this has been recorded (Dang and Zaguiyan et al 937). Although many people think that mastectomy may increase with MRI’s, I feel that these types of screenings should be more recommendable for women at high risk for breast cancer, because cancer, if

  • Essay about The Pros and Cons of Health Screening

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    The Benefits and Disbenefits of Health Screening and the Contribution of Psychology in Health Screening. Health screening, according to Durojaiye, (2009), is a systematic application of a test or inquiry to identify individuals at risk of a specific health problem. This enables further investigation or direct preventive action, among individuals who have not sought medical attention on account of their symptoms of that problem. The main aim of screening program therefore is to detect

  • The Regression Model Of The United States

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    First of all, I would like to mention that it is more reasonable to compare the models that are based on the same data, so I tried to use the same variables and the same missing value treatment approach (excluding decision tree) to all of the models. All the 3 models showed a performance of nearly the same quality, according to the various lift charts produced and presented in the further parts of the report. However, the difference becomes more evident on the % captured response and the most

  • Prostate Cancer And The American Cancer Society

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    Each year approximately 233,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer (Eggener, Cifu, & Nabhan, 2015). In 2015, prostate cancer was the second most common cancer related cause of death among United States men (Eggener, et. al., 2015). While the majority of prostate cancers are slow growing with a 5-year survival rate of approximately 98%, statistics show that when prostate cancer is identified as metastatic, the 5-year survival rate dramatically drops down to 20-25% (Eggener, et. al., 2015)

  • The Relationship Between Antioxidants From Diet And Supplements And Risk Of Pca

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    Objective The objective of Study 1 (S1) was to review the relationship between antioxidants from diet and supplements and risk of PCa. The antioxidants included were vitamin E, selenium, vitamin C, carotenoids, and polyphenols from coffee and tea. Combination studies were also included. Method The method of S1 was a literature search utilizing the database Pubmed for studies that contained subheadings of diet, antioxidants, and prostatic neoplasms. The reference of selected studies was reviewed

  • Effects Of Pregnancy On Women And Babies

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    experienced by a woman under my care. Her medical treatment will be contrasted with evidence-based information found in the reviewed literature. Risk assessment definition will be critiqued along with impact of this term on pregnant women. I will reflect on the care I provided and strategies that can enhance more sensible care. A pseudonym will be used to de-identify the woman complying with the code of professional conduct for midwives (2008). Discussion Maria was an 18 year old Aboriginal primigravida

  • A Report On The Regulations

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    Quantitative research is categorized into four groups. The type used in the research study for this article is correlational research. Correlation research, “involves the systematic investigation of relationships between or among variables. The selected variables in a sample are measured and then correlation statistics determines the relationships among the variables. The researcher is able to determine the degree or strength and type (positive/negative) of a relationship between the two variables”

  • Botnet Detection And Analysis Of Cyber Security

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    ISSUE: BOTNET DETECTION AND ANALYSIS. Introduction A botnet, otherwise known as “zombie army,” is a group of computers that are compromised or controlled often from a single source a human operator known as a “Botmaster,” and run related software programs or scripts [1]. In contrast with the previous malware, botnets have the characteristic of a command and control (C & C) channel, and use existing common protocols, such as IRC and HTTP [1]. Botnets provide a distributed platform for many cyber-crimes

  • While Having Regular Mammograms Every Two Years Does Not

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    sense; identify and treat cancer before you know it’s there. The theory behind this is to catch cancer in the initial stages and it will be more curable. This in turn, reduces deaths due to the disease. Nurse Practitioner Veneta Masson, author of “Why I don’t Get Mammograms” argues the topic of how routine mammograms don’t save lives. Masson being a health care professional has been well educated on maintaining optimum health and preventing disease. Though she may have the knowledge and awareness, she