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  • The Aca Requirements For Insurers

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    The ACA requirements for insurers to cover mammogram Policy background Breast cancer is the second most common cancer among women in the US. About 40,000 women die from breast cancer each year, making it “the second leading cause of cancer death among women” (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, n.d.). The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (2010) requires insurers to “provide coverage for and shall not impose any cost sharing requirements for” preventive services which are “in the

  • The Test Effectiveness For Breast Cancer

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    Executive Summary Millions of women are diagnosed with breast cancer annually and their chances of survival depends on an early treatment which is only possible if the cancerous lesion is identified early. The most established tool for early detection to date is mammograms, and radiologists accuracy in reading them. Existing evidences that the use of mammograms decreases mortality rate is more sufficient, however it is still lacking for women below the age of 50 as identification of lesions in this

  • Predictive Analytics : The Use Of Data Science For Audience Profiling Essay

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    become more proactive(tableau). Predictive Analytics is the use of data science for audience profiling. Generic audience profiling involves determining specific characteristics of your target audience and creating specific personas to represent each type of person within your target audience. Predictive analytics is essentially the same process, but from a data perspective (koozai). Predictive analytics can be used in wide areas in the industry, it’s importance is not constrained to a particular domain

  • Linear Regression Model Based On Recursive Feature Elimination Technique

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    last and the first 10 seconds of elbow flexion and extension task. And the number of flexion/extension was also counted as the 31st feature. More detailed description of the features and their calculations are provided in Figure 3 and Table 1. We compared features between two groups, non-frail and frail, categorized by TSFI (frail was identified when TSFI is over 0.27). One-way ANOVA was employed for comparing two groups. And the features which have significantly difference (p < 0.05) between groups

  • Evaluation Of A Program Evaluation Essay

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    health related uality of life for older adults with Diabetes Mellitus Type II? (2) What participant specific characteristics predict increased or decreased benefit from participation in a wellness program? (3) Do older adults with Diabetes Mellitus Type II perceive changes in function, health, wellness or quality of life related to participation in a wellness program? (4) How satisfied are older adults with Diabetes Mellitus Type II with a wellness program that incorporates educational and exercise

  • Notes On The And Hiv Counselling

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    NACP and HIV counselling NACP began in 1987, as an Indian health ministry initiated surveillance taskforce, after the first Indian HIV case was reported. Since then, it has extended its role to provide HIV services (IAVI, 2005; Singh et al., 2005). In 1992, the Indian Health Ministry set up the National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) as a separate wing to implement and closely monitor various components of the programme (Singh et al., 2005; NACO, 2015b). Services provided under this programme trickle

  • Literature Review On Saliva

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    Ferguson, 1987;Mandel, 1990,1993a, 1993b Malamud, 1992;Slavkin,1998). Similarly,considerations for selecting the type of saliva, i.e. mixed vs individual glandular (Mandel, 1980; Sreebny and Zhu, 1996), the specific collection methodology to be used (Navazesh, 1993) and the physiological factors affecting salivary collection (Dawes, 1993) have also been reviewed in

  • C Difficile Literature Review

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    1.2. Literature review 1.2.1. Epidemiology of C.difficile Clostridium difficile is an anaerobic, Gram-positive bacillus spore-forming, toxin-secreting bacteria that has long been recognized to be the most common etiologic pathogen of antibiotic-associated diarrhea(Shin Jh).It is a frequent environmental organism which has been isolated from soil, food, water, animals, asymptomatic infants, and health care environment (.Amit s,. Studies shows that only 7-15% of healthy adults are colonized with toxigenic

  • False Positive Results in Health Screening Tests Essay

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    2.0 Body of Contents 2.1 Over-diagnosis – a common issue in many screening tests Many health screening tests tend to produce false positive results, or find abnormalities that may not cause any harm at all to the patient. This can cause distress to patients and their families and lead to unnecessary treatment. For example, around 6-10% of mammogram results are false positives, meaning the images show what appear to be tumors but are actually cysts or harmless tissues. This estimate may be higher

  • Evidence Based Practice Essay

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    assist practitioners and patients decisions for specific clinical circumstances.” Evidence is always current and a generous collection of many different systematic research reviews with multiple random control trials are available (AGREE, 2000). These types of trials are graded at the top level of hierarchy (Guyatt et al 2002).Nevertheless in contrast Devereaux and Yusuf (2005) argue that top level hierarchy is not a guaranteed deviation from the truth in randomized trials. The clinical guidance used