Ulster Cycle

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  • Celtic Mythology and Folklore

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    Many people today can associate with the classic tale of leprechauns and a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. This tale is a recurring myth within the realm of Celtic mythology. Celtic mythology was an integral part of ancient history throughout the British Isles especially Ireland. Authors of this magnificent form of literature have created stories that were based on the events of that time period and their works have transcended to future generations up until today. Overall, Celtic mythology

  • Essay on The Penguing Classic Early Irish Myths and Sagas

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    The Penguing Classic Early Irish Myths and Sagas The Penguin Classic Early Irish Myths And Sagas exhibits a great cross-section of the many examples of the stories told by Iron Age Celts. These stories revolve around the customs, battles, gods, and heroes of the ancient Celts. It is said that a great deal can be learned from Irish tales about the clothing, weapons, houses, and other aspects of the material culture of the Iron Age Celts 1 and that the stories are more valuable for scholars

  • Essay on Heroes of Celtic and Germanic Mythology

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    Heroes of Celtic and Germanic Mythology Throughout the myths of the Celtic and Germanic peoples of northern Europe tales of epic heroes and their extraordinary deeds abound. These tales depict heroes performing a variety of incredible feats; many of which appear to be magical, superhuman, and, quite honestly, utterly impossible (e.g., wading across oceans, defeating armies virtually single-handedly, and other astounding exploits). Since the Celtic and Germanic tribes of antiquity inhabited

  • History of Ancient Celtic Society Essay

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    Ancient Celtic society was a little bit different from those of today. They were governed by a council of nobles; the king was not the law maker, but rather law applier. Their religion and believes also differ from those of today. They had a polytheistic religion which included the existence of more than one divine-being just like Greek or Norse mythology. Women were prominent in the society, they had more rights than that time Roman and Greek women did. They lived on better conditions than most

  • Honor Code, The Tain, And Gantz 's Early Irish Myths And Sagas

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    no coincidence that both Cuchulainn’s and Ferdia’s foster mother Scathach gives the gae bolga to Cuchulainn. (The Tain 72) Scathach is a prophetess and she knows Cuchulainn’s fate and his dedication to his heroic role in fighting for the honor of Ulster. (The Tain, 69) The Mabinogi, King Bendigeidfran’s wisdom and honor is depicted in the story of Branwen daughter of Llyr, when he divides the cauldron people among the land, helping them grow into good warriors (The Mabinogi 64). King Matholwch

  • Analysis : The Tain, Warriors Ferdia And Cuchulainn

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    Often, in a morally ambiguous culture, ideologies contradict one another—however, the basis of cultural values merge these various beliefs into one cohesive creed. Throughout The Tain, ideals of the morally ambiguous culture of Ireland present the considerations of its citizens and the characteristics which possess value to them. Many of the heroes, who manage to leave behind a legacy strong enough to appear in The Tain, demonstrate themselves as worthy heroes who represent principles that the Irish

  • The Sense Of Place By Jane Heaney

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    Although the poem is written in English it contains several words from the local dialect. These words have been planted into the Ulster vernacular by English and Scottish plantation: “rigs…docken…pad”, all commonly used by both ethnicities in Northern Ireland. Thus, the Ulster dialect is not pure, and the local landscape is just as easily blemished: “The garden mould / bruised easily”. According to Corcoran, ‘Broagh’ envisages a “community of pronunciation”

  • Resolving Conflicts Between Religion and Politics Essay

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    Resolving Conflicts Between Religion and Politics The use of conflict to try and resolve political, religious or cultural differences has existed for centuries, Violence and the State are still two prevailing issues in our world today. It is often assumed that violence and fighting occurs between peoples of very different nationalities or cultures; that there differences are too great for there to ever be peace or compromise. This, however, is not the case; it is people

  • Essay on Is Translations about Language or Politics?

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    Is Translations about Language or politics? Friel famously said of Translations, “it is about language and only language.” However, the political statement which Friel denies need not be active, but passive, as seeking an understanding of the situation must consider politics, however Friel actively avoids political comment perhaps due to the volatile situation in the 1980s when the play was first put on. D.H. Lawrence famously said, “ Never trust the teller, trust the tale” and with that

  • The Role Of Grania By Lady Gregory

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    The role of the theatre during the Irish Literary Revival was central to Irish cultural nationalism and the political dynamics at the start of the 20th century. As a playwright and a co-founder of the Abbey Theatre, Lady Gregory created the backbone of the group that drove the Irish cultural identity towards a more nationalist outlook. Yet as an Irish nationalist, her participation in political causes was often muted; not because of her political views, but because of her gender. Though Lady Gregory