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  • The Folklore of the Undead Essay

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    Of course, most people don’t believe in the undead, and for good reason. Some people who claim to be Vampires or Vampire hunters are in fact only doing it to get attention, such as the Dogs Of War “vampire hunting group” who later admitted to being frauds.(www.choronzon.com) There are also many conflicting ideas of what a vampire is, or on definitions of vampires. Vourdalak vampires, for instance, are always female, whereas, while females are more commonly vampires, it is by no means a rule in other

  • The Tales Of The World

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    their bared their teeth at each other. A scene of nightmares that would have any sane person scarred for life, for the only beings that resided in the town were those that the cloaked figure couldn’t be more familiar with, even if he tried. The undead. Walking corpses filled the streets, their gaze

  • Are Vampires Real Or Sick

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    as having long fangs, sharp claws, and was afraid of sunlight, water, and garlic. The undead monster was also known to be extremely aggressive. The manhunt to end this beast of a creature was led by a priest and other devoted followers that opened up the grave of the man and an absolution or release was placed on the corpse’s chest to bind the body to its final resting place. In another report, after the undead or vampire walked and terrorized the streets, his corpse was uncovered and stabbed by

  • Persuasive Essay On Dracula

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    My friends, I come before you today to warn you of the danger that has befallen our town. Here tonight, I have discovered the threat of a vampire lurking in our town and while he is alive, none of us are safe from him. Already four people have been bitten. Think of the children! Your children are in mortal danger so long as this vampire. I have proof of this. Two children have been bitten by our own Ms. Westenra. Alas, as much as we attempted to save her from such a fate as she was destined

  • Short Essay On The Horror Of The City

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    frenzy was over and we were able to start moving again. We moved out onto another main road and before we started moving again I heard a loud crashing noise from the alleyway. “Did anyone hear that?”. I muttered Before anyone could answer a large undead appeared from around the corner, it's skin was like leather from a cow, it still had its fatigues on from the war, the monster looked like an older nazi soldier left to wither out. We were all dazed by the monster. As we were all staring at it the

  • Zombieism In Santa Clarita Diet

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    Zombieism in Santa Clarita Diet is represented in a way that represents being ‘undead’ as a path to freedom, emancipating people to be who they want to be- almost as an awakening. Its life changing characteristic is presented as a betterment of self without any groaning, loss of identity or shambling involved, zombieism acting as the hot new food fad taking over California. Change is characterized by behavior. It could also be attempting to metaphorically represent zombieism as the route to midlife

  • Essay : An Overview Of The Night '

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    He had lost count. Time seem to have looped eternally. He couldn’t remember exactly when it first started. The first time he lurked and lingered under the confines of eternal darkness. It was all a blur now. Was he born out of it? He was not entirely sure. All he knew then when he first sprung out of the void was remembering the feeling of insatiable hunger. It was a mixture of impulse and the uncontrollable desire to kill. There was no rhyme nor reason to it. He was just that--- a creature

  • Zombies : A Brief History Essay

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    Zombies - A Brief History By Stacey Fontier | Submitted On January 15, 2012 Recommend Article Article Comments Print Article Share this article on Facebook Share this article on Twitter Share this article on Google+ Share this article on Linkedin Share this article on StumbleUpon Share this article on Delicious Share this article on Digg Share this article on Reddit Share this article on Pinterest Zombies have become an increasing popular topic for video games, movies and Halloween during

  • The Army Of The Undead Essay

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    The Army of the Undead In 1974 Chinese farmers in Lintong District, Xi 'an, of the Shaanxi province were digging for a well when they unearthed fragments of clay figures and made one of the most important discoveries in art history to date. Archaeologists were notified of the discovery and they began excavating the area for more clues as to what was buried. The clay army of China’s first emperor, Qin Shi Huang, was found buried in pits near the emperor’s underground tomb, over 8,000 warriors dated

  • The Undead Gourmet Summary

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    Brendan Riley “The Undead Gourmet” grasps of viewing zombies not as mindless brain eating monsters, but a more complex conscious being. Also examines us, the humans, not having remorse to killing other zombies, apart from our close family. Riley explains his argument in four stages; “The Right To Bear Arms Against Zombies(pg. 1), What If Zombies Used Their Brains(pg. 2), Love Your Zombie Neighbor(pg. 3), and Zombie Rights”(pg. 4).Some great arguments are made in this article, but diving deeper into