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  • Defining Underachievement

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    Under-achievement is a threatening position to educators and can be a disruptive force throughout education systems. The idea of under-achievement suggests that the systems is at fault because students do not reach their potential under the guidance of that system. The purpose of this essay is to analyze the idea or terminology of under-achievement in the context of my specific teaching scenario. I will present my argument by first, introducing literature that has been specifically enlightening towards

  • College Underachievement Essay

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    college will help me grow into a more productive person in society by furthering my education. For me, it is huge accomplishment of being the first of my family to attend a four year University, I am doing this to break the cycle of academic underachievement; while also setting a great example for my younger brother. Most importantly, I want to further my education, there are still so many things I can learn. This will help guide my future into a well suited job for me that will allow me to do what

  • Gender inequality: Male underachievement

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    over the other and how they are treated based on their gender. Gender inequality and the result of male underperformance in schools have become major issues in the Caribbean, and affect the individuals involved and the society on a whole. Boys’ underachievement therefore should not be ignored and an analysis of

  • The Underachievement Of Male And Female Education

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    The underachievement of males in society has been a growing problem that is being widely ignored by society. Children are experiencing the most important and emotional part of their lives when they are in school that will leave ever-lasting effects. The success of people as students are not real indicators of how they will do later in life, but it is the confidence and self-esteem that people will remember in their school days that might stay with adults until they realize that it is keeping them

  • Underachievement Among College Students

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    High achieving students have always been considered the creme of the crop and to be fully prepared for college. However, studies, like the one that took place at Queen Mary College, have shown that this is not always correct. In “Underachievement Among College Students” Megan Balduf discusses how high achieving students struggle in college because they never had to try in highschool, and thus did not develop the necessary skills like: time management, ability to adjust to independent life, and good

  • The Challenges Of Underachievement In Gifted Students

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    Underachievement in gifted education can be attributed to a number of challenges that gifted students face. Gifted students are capable of achieving, but factors such as learning disabilities and poor self-efficacy, prevent them from performing adequately. There are interventions that teachers and parents can work together to implement to help work against these factors of underachievement. According to the article, “Underachieving gifted students: Two case studies”, gifted students need specific

  • The Explanations Of Working Class Underachievement Essay

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    outline and evaluate the explanations of working class underachievement. This will be through examining the home and school factors that affect these individuals and then reaching a conclusion that highlights the most influential factors while finding connections between them. A person is considered working class if they are typically employed in manual or industrial work in order to achieve a wage. Home factors play a major role in the underachievement of the working class. The April 2013 Great British

  • The Long Tail Of Underachievement Essay

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    9-year-olds were ranked 34th out of 53 countries-effectively bottom equal with other developing nations along with a whole lot of unforgiving data findings (Johnston, 2015). Social inequality has a much bigger role to play in the "long tail of underachievement". It is common knowledge that in New Zealand the gap between the wealthy and the poor has widened enormously over the past two decades (APA). To analyses this dilemma we need to look at the defection of socioeconomic status. Max Weber formed

  • Importance Of Boys Underachievement In Reading And Writing

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    Although there is evidence that proves boys’ underachievement in reading and writing in contrast to girls’, it is important to first note that there are sources that identify boys being less committed to school than girls, but why is this? A significant aspect is boys’ attitude to school and examinations. Weis (1990) effectively argues that the majority of boys are not concerned with excelling in school, but only with passing. This evidence strongly suggests that boys’ attitude to education is significantly

  • Native Underachievement in Canadian Schools Essay

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    Native Underachievement in Canadian Schools A comparison of native students and their non-native peers quickly brings one to the realization that native students are not experiencing a comparable degree of education success in Canadian schools. It is vital that native Canadians address this issue thoroughly, to insure that the nation is no longer faced with a semi-literate, unemployable population, requiring financial support. In order to fully address native educational underachievement it is