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  • Essay on Education Beyond Undergraduate

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    Education Beyond Undergraduate Graduate or professional education is an often-debated topic for a large number of University seniors. Regardless of the undergraduate degree many students must decide whether to enter the job market or go to school for another couple of years. When these students are faced with this decision it is important to look at what they consider. Is it job satisfaction, future pay, or the mere fact that they want to spend a few more years in college? These issues are

  • Pursuing An Undergraduate Degree

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    demonstrate some of the common misconceptions about pursuing an undergraduate degree in Art. Unfortunately, it is one of undergraduate degrees that society discounts, as it is often listed as one of the worst college undergraduate degrees (Rapacon). Despite this, Art undergraduate degrees are just as useful and relevant as any other undergraduate degree. Let’s start by addressing one of the most pressing issues that surrounds an Art undergraduate degree; the unemployment rate. After all, your student is

  • The Secret Of The Undergraduate Program

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    Guiding Undergraduate Students The secret in education lies in respecting the student. The role of the undergraduate program is to understand what is being learned in the classroom, and taking it out of the educational structure. As professionals, it is significant to have an outreach where the students are involved, can learn around the student experience, are guided into real life jobs, and have a mentor who will be an advocate for them. The foremost goal is trying to make the students more

  • Marine Science Undergraduate And Graduate Programs

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    Veronica Olszowy Professor Sobota ENGL 101 Section 01 October 20, 2015 What Marine Scientist Wants a Ph.D. Anyway? At Coastal Carolina University (CCU) many students take part in the Marine Science Undergraduate and Graduate programs. These two successful programs have helped bring Coastal its first Doctoral program. The Ph.D. in Marine Science is new at CCU and there is so much to learn about it. Questions of why Coastal was fit for the program and how it differs from other schools programs like

  • Computer Science As An Undergraduate Student At Florida Institute Of Technology

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    one other person other than myself I would be immensely delighted. To achieve the above objective I, choose Computer Science as my major as an undergraduate student at Florida Institute of Technology. Throughout my career as an undergraduate student I too have continuously challenged what I could do in my field and now. And now as I have ended my undergraduate studies, it is my central goal to continue my education in a more challenging and competitive environment. It is to serve the above purpose that

  • Effects of Social Networking on Undergraduate Student's Grades

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    networking is a part of our American lifestyles as a whole. As a Computer Information Systems major and studying the foundations and composition of computer applications, I would like to research the effects that social networks have on underclassmen undergraduate students attending an Historically Black College or University. In order to conduct this research, a study and survey must be held to determine whether social networking positively or negatively affects grade point averages by recording the number

  • The University Of Notre Dame's Undergraduate Usage Of St. Liam's Health Center

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    The purpose of this project was to examine the University of Notre Dame’s undergraduate usage of St. Liam’s health center. Five questions were proposed to collect data on specific areas to gain an understanding of how often and why undergraduate students seek out St. Liam’s services. We believe that St. Liam’s is underutilized and hypothesized that not many undergraduates use the services provide. Furthermore, we suspect that factors such as stress and grades (GPA) affect a student’s health, which

  • Career Perceptions of Undergraduate Hospitality and Tourism Students: a Case Study at Vatel Bangkok

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    Career Perception Career Perceptions of Undergraduate Hospitality and Tourism Students: A Case Study at Silapakorn International college, Thailand Aticha Kweangsopha 52501315 Kamonluk Phophan 52501301 Panadda Wongdermdee 52501317 MBA Student in Hospitality and Tourism Management Silapakorn University Career Perceptions of Undergraduate Hospitality and Tourism Students: A Case

  • Attitudes of Undergraduate Music Therapy Students Regarding Master’s Level Entry

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    Attitudes of Undergraduate Music Therapy Students Regarding Master’s Level Entry Bryan L. Hawk MMT Candidate Drury University Review of Literature To date there is a significant lack of research regarding the opinions of Undergraduate Music Therapy students concerning the requirements of a Master’s Degree for entry-level positions. When the Certification Board for Music Therapist (CBMT) was established in the 1980’s, this provided employers with assurance that we are qualified professionals

  • Should Undergraduates Specialize

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    something opposes our beliefs or society's’ traditional values does not make it dangerous or unworthy of consideration. Sometimes new, unfamiliar things offer us new opportunities to grow as a society, learn, and compromise. In the article, Should Undergraduates Specialize, a mother is comparing her 1940s British college experience to her 21st-century daughter’s American college experience. Throughout the article, she lists the clear difference in her