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  • Chase’s Strategy for Syndicating the Hong Kong Disneyland Loan

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    exposure by way of spreading the risk with other players • Underwriting risk – The risk that the issue may be undersubscribed leading to Chase taking up

  • Ipo : A Business Cycle Essay

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    Introduction A company goes to a different business cycles. After surviving the startup period and start making positive profits, a company may choose of make an IPO. The term initial public offering (IPO) is used by company to raise capital by selling stock in primary market. Investopedia defines an initial public offering (IPO) as the first time a company sells its stock to the public. This is a way to raise money by issuing debt and it is only called IPO if the company have never issued equity

  • Hk-Disney Syndication by Chase

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    We anticipate a further recovery as the economy warm up. As a tourist resort, Hong Kong Disneyland has high profit potential. In a word, the relative exposure of credit risk is low. * Syndicate risk Hong Kong Disneyland asked for full-underwriting. If the syndication is not successful—under subscription, Chase would end up holding too much loans and higher credit exposure to the project. For example, if there is only one arranger and single-stage general syndication, the max exposure of

  • A Work Life Balance Intervention Essay

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    My company, Reinsurance Group of America, RGA was established exclusively on this concept and recently celebrated its 40th year anniversary. In my department almost one-third of the underwriting staff will be retirement eligible in the next five to ten years. Staffing challenges to serve the life underwriting market are stronger than ever. To combat the alarming loss of industry expertise, we have made a concerted effort to focus on increasing our staff through both traditional and more contemporary

  • The Process of Ipo

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    The remaining portion of the gross spread (approximately 20%) is used to cover underwriting expenses (underwriter counsel, road show expenses, etc.). If anything remains after deducting all expenses, it is divided proportionately among the underwriter and syndicate members depending on the amount of securities each underwrote. One

  • Netflix Ipo Essay

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    Netflix launched its website in April of 1998, offering customers online rentals and sales of DVDs. Netflix experienced rapid growth; revenues grew from USD 1.4 million in 1998 to USD 152.8 million in 2002. Netflix’s strong record of executing on its core principals – value, convenience and selection – enabled the company to win subscribers at a much faster rate than directly competing online services. After Netflix had its first positive cash flow in the fourth quarter of 2001; Company’s management

  • Case Memo: Loan Processing at Capital One Essay

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    Furthermore, the need to recall certain customers increased the overall process duration. As a result, many potentially qualified customers are lost due to self-withdrawal. Second, we’ve concluded the underwriting process is the bottleneck of the entire operation. Currently, it takes an average of 40.5 minutes per application to be put through. By comparing the inflow and outflow numbers, the yield/throughput results to .33. Two factors contribute to the

  • Initial Public Offering For A Global Firm

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    Initial Public Offering for a Global Firm Introduction Initial Public Offering is a rigorous process where a firm decides to go public in order to enable it raise capital for the company that will enable it to fund its operations such as expansion plans, generate profits as well as make its investors happy. For the IPO to go successfully there are a number of important factors and players that come into consideration. These include investment bankers, underwriters, pricing, demand and supply among

  • Being A Business Person Since I Was Young

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    I want to be a business person since I was young. My family’s business has motivated me to major in business. My dad owns a technology company’s, but Moreover, I especially fascinated in finance. I have passion in finance fields, I am interested in stock market, investment banking, and marketing. Finance is very traditional, however, I am the one who knew the digital and social well, so I want to combine both the traditional and globalization together. I like to interact with people. I am interested

  • Case Study Manzana Insurance

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    Contents Introduction 2 Manzana-Fruitvale performance 2 Operational flow diagram 2 95% SCT vs Mean Time 2 TAT (Turnaround Time) Calculations 3 Capacity Utilization: 5 Late RERUNS and Lost Renewals 6 RAPs to RUNs 7 Recommendations 7   Introduction Manzana Insurance is an 89 year old company founded in the year 1902. In the beginning it specialized in orchard and farm insurance. However, in later years in entered into property-liability insurance and was among the market leaders for more than a decade