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  • Unemployment In America

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    first term you dealt with recovering our economy after the 2008 recession. Due to that recession, Unemployment of all types increased steadily. As the founder of this think tank organization, I would like to address and bring about solutions to decreasing the high rate of unemployment, by focusing on creating more jobs, decreasing and increasing our economy. The high rate of unemployment is hurting America because not enough people are working or earning wages to be able to consume goods that are being

  • Unemployment in America

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    All throughout the years the economy has been changing, with the unemployment rate fluctuating to accommodate the economic changes. With unemployment on the rise people have to choose between their wants and needs based on their economic situation; the ability to prioritize these things will make or break them in this economy. The government plays a direct and indirect role in the economic lives of people as well. There are possibly things that can be done about the current economic situation but

  • Unemployment And Its Effects On America

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    in small,brown, moldy cardboard boxes or sleeping wherever they can to survive. There are about 5.5 percent of people in America that are employed even with a college degree, however, “people who lack high school diploma or GED make up a quarter month 2014 to date” (Bolen). Unemployment is the one of the biggest poverty problems in America. But what is unemployment? Unemployment is described as when people are looking for job within the past four weeks and can’t find work, however, it can also mean

  • Low Unemployment In America

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    all American’s; the most effected by low economic shortcomings is the middle class. The realization that the middle class is slowing beginning to diminish and dissolve is becoming more and more unsettling for many. The low minimum wages and high unemployment rates tend to be the main focus when analyzing the drop in middle class economic stability. One fix is to raise minimum wages to a more appropriate rate for living standards; the current federal minimum wage is set at $7.25 per hour. At $7.25 an

  • Pros And Cons Of Unemployment In America

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    Unemployment has been a big issue in the United States for many years and is still a big issue today. Although the big problem that we’re still facing is the difference between blacks and whites. The overall unemployment rate for black americans is 7.4% and for white americans it’s 3.8%, that’s a very big difference between both races. Policy makers accept this problem as normal and no one does anything about it to make things right. Also people don’t realize that black americans have a harder time

  • America Has Made Mistakes Before

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    America has made mistakes before, now the country plans out their economy’s future a little more. One of the top five largest economies in the world, the United States, promises for new laws regulating and decreasing in tax burdens in United States’ markets. Americans can expect to see a faster growth than previous years, and according to Forbes article The U.S. Economy In 2017: Welcome Higher Growth, “the U.S. economy will be a key driving force of other Western economies” (Chafuen 1). Especially

  • Unemloyment And Poverty In America

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    The issue of unemployment and poverty is becoming more popular in America. Citizens are having trouble finding jobs which eventually leads them to being in a state of poverty. Poverty is a serious concern and there could be more that America can do to help prevent or reduce it. Starting charity programs for the poor is a substantial way to get the people that are in poverty back on their feet again. It gives them hope that they can look for a way to get income. Another solution could be to create

  • Essay on Four Most Important Problems Facing America

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    problems facing the United States of America today. I will present these problems in order for most important, to least important. I will talk about how these problems came to be and discuss what my research stated. I will then give my reasoning for selecting each problem and discuss my ideas for correcting these problems. I believe that America is facing a great deal of problems at this time; however, the top four issues in my opinion are economic instability, unemployment, gun control and limitations

  • Introduction. The Rising Unemployment Has Generated Challenges

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    Introduction The rising unemployment has generated challenges in low income communities. Unemployment involves a situation where people in a particular community are actively seeking employment but the employment rates are low. The increased rates of unemployment are contributed to by factors such as recession periods that adversely affects the economy. Impacts on the economy in turn affect the labor force leading to loss of employment and reducing the rates of employment opportunities in the country

  • How Does Racial Inequality Affect Our Society

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    In America there are still several parts of our society that remain racially unequal including, the workforce, the wealth gap between minorities and whites, as well as incarceration rates and police behavior. The unemployment rates in America are relatively high and because of how hard it is to get a job, the employers prefer to hire someone that they feel more comfortable with, which typically aren’t minorities. The wealth gap between minorities and whites is continuing to grow as the years move