Unexplained disappearances

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  • Innocences Unexplained Disappearances: Where Is The Bermuda Triangle?

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    The Bermuda Triangle is a place of many disasters and mysteries and has captured the imagination of many people, but is it really as dangerous as people think? This area has an extensive history of disappearances and disasters. With virtually every event, a clear explanation for the disappearances is never found. This has led to the formation of many theories, such as paranormal phenomena, Atlantis, magnetic fields, alien abduction, and more (Gale Student Resources in Context). On the other hand

  • Essay about Bermuda Triangle Conspiracy

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    that make up the “Devil's Triangle” also known as the Bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic ocean. In this area, many unexplained disappearances from military and commercial aircrafts, to large cargo ships and small yachts has many people and scientists wondering, is this supernatural phenomena? Forces of nature? Over-exaggerated stories? No one knows for sure. Many of these disappearances happened without warning, no mayday calls or signals of distress, and leaving no trace of existence or wreckage behind

  • Taking a Look at the Bermuda Triangle

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    A boat disappears into calm waters. A plane ends up at the bottom of the ocean, and no one knows why. This is the legend of the bermuda triangle. Is there a natural and reasonable cause to these disappearances? Or is it something beyond nature? The causes, simple- 100 ft. rogue waves, methane gas eruptions, and extreme weather. The location of the Triangle is between three points, Bermuda, Miami, FL, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. This location is unique due to the many reported ships and planes that

  • Bermuda Triangle Essay

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    coast of the United States. It is the greatest modern mystery of our supposedly well understood world. It is noted for a very high incidence of unexplained losses of ships, small boats, and aircraft. The tips of the triangle are generally thought to be Bermuda, Miami, Fla., and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Many theories attempting to explain the many disappearances have been offered throughout the history of the area. The most practical seem to be environmental and those that involve human error. Some reports

  • Navy Cargo Ship: The Bermuda Triangle

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    still, there has been no wreckage found. 23 years later, two sister ships of the Cyclops vanished while going on nearly the same route. The Bermuda triangle, also known as the Devil’s triangle, is a section of the ocean that is the cause of many disappearances of boats and planes. It is connected by Miami,

  • Bermuda Triangle Essay

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    dangerous area for one to enter. Aircrafts and surface vessels are believed to have vanished in weird ways which are considered human error, piracy, equipment failure, or natural disasters. Important things in society have shown some of these disappearances could have been the laws of physics, paranormal, or actions performed by aliens. The Bermuda Triangle is at a status of an

  • Human Consequences : The Bermuda Triangle And Its Human Violations

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    Bermuda and Puerto Rico where a large number of ships and aircrafts that have mysteriously disappeared over time. Many of these disappearances have unexplained explanations as to why planes have still yet to be found. Other planes and boats have vanished from areas where the weather was not unusual. For an example, flight 19, 1945, one of the most mysterious disappearances that has happened within the Bermuda Triangle. People believe it’s supernatural events, and some people believe it’s just human

  • The US Navy: The Devil's Triangle

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    Triangle. It‘s also known as The Devil’s Triangle. The Triangle is 450,000 square miles. (Bermuda Triangle). The Triangle’s three vertices are in Miami, Florida, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and of course the island of Bermuda. There are two famous disappearances in the triangle. Flight 19 and the USS Cyclops. U.S.S. Cyclops The U.S.S. Cyclops is a U.S. Navy ship that sank at sea in The Bermuda Triangle. It was one of the largest ships built. The ship was carrying 309 people(Bermuda Triangle). Many

  • The Mystery Ship Research Paper

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    The Mystery Ship When I read this story it brought to mind all of those Dracula movies that I have seen where they show a ship coming into harbor with no one alive aboard or a ship full of corpses. The American ship Mary Celeste was seen sailing erratically by Captain David Morehouse aboard the British brig Dei Gratia near the Azores Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. The strangest thing was that the ship was seaworthy and all of its stores and supplies were aboard and untouched but there was not a single

  • Bermuda Triangle Essay

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         Is the Bermuda Triangle really a place where strange powers are at work? The Bermuda Triangle is a very complex and mystifying area that is noted for a high incidence of unexplained losses of ships, small boats, and aircraft. From reading this paper one will learn geographic features of the Bermuda Triangle, famous disappearances, and possible explanations for them.      There is a section of the western Atlantic, off the southeast coast of the United States, forming what