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  • Pestel Analysis Of Uniqlo

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    Uniqlo is a retail industry which sells high quality casual wear at cheap and affordable prices under the company name of FAST RETAILING CO., LTD. It dominated the world with its presence and as of 2015 it has opened over 1’400 stores in 16 markets worldwide including big economy countries like China and The United States. Other than its flagship stores, they have delved into E-Commerce websites bringing in more profits. Due to the number of stores opened and popularity it has gained it has a big

  • Key Stakeholders Of Uniqlo

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    Firstly, shareholders including investors, owners, partners, directors, people owning shares or stock, banks and anyone having a financial stake in the business. Shareholders continuously invest and trust in making the best decisions for Uniqlo. They see Uniqlo as worthy and continue lend the market share. To have a lot of buyers, real competitors within the

  • Taking a Look at UNIQLO

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    In 1984, the first UNIQLO store opened in Hiroshima, Japan. Fast Retailing Group, founded by Tadashi Yanai, decided to name its first sub-branch store Unique Clothing Warehouse and later changed its name to UNIQLO (Figure 1). This small causal wear store gained immediate attention from the Japanese population and soon began expanding aggressively in Japan. By 1994, there were over 100 UNIQLO stores operating throughout Japan, and in 1998 they opened their first urban store in Tokyo. Tadashi

  • Strategic Management At Uniqlo And Zara Vs. World Of Fashion Retailing

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    com/archives/2014/04/08/uniqlo-piece.php * http://retail.economictimes.indiatimes.com/re-tales/Uniqlo-vs-Zara-vs-H-M-vs-the-world-of-fashion-retailing/91 http://www.fashionunited.co.uk/fashion-news/design/uniqlos-european-expansion-has-competitors-worried-2013112619191 PDF- not yet referenced http://ivythesis.typepad.com/term_paper_topics/2010/09/strategic-management-at-uniqlo.html - PESTEL, porters 5 http://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/tadashi-has-local-expansion-in-store-for-uniqlo/story-e6frg8zx-1226885720429


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    PART1 UNIQLO Contents Introduction PEST analysis(Macro) Political Economic Social Technology Micro analysis Customers Competitors Suppliers Distributors Stakeholders Market segment Brand positional map Marketing mix (4Ps) Product Price Place Promotion Branding Bibliography 1. Introduction UNIQLO, established in 1963. At first, it was only a small clothing store sales, which have become internationally well-known clothing brands currently. Yanai is general manager of Uniqlo

  • Japanese Female Apparel Market For Japanese Women Essay

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    While the bubbly outfits with overflowing laces and floral patterns that highlight the soft and sensitive characteristics once dominated the female apparel market in Japan, nowadays, Japanese women prefer balancing out the femininity with some stylish mannish clothing. Figure 3, where the woman matched her black lace dress and high heels with an olive-green military jacket, perfectly exemplifies the chic “甘辛ミックスコーデ” (The sweet-and-sexy coordinates) adored by many Japanese female consumers. The concept

  • SWOT Analysis Of UNIQLO

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    Introduction First established in Hiroshima in 1984, UNIQLO is a major subsidiary of the Japanese retail holding company. It offers stylish, fashionable and high quality apparel at a reasonable price. The brand spread across the country and opened up to 100 stores by the year 1994. In September 2002, UNIQLO opened their first store in Shanghai, China and had opened 480 stores since. Today, UNIQLO is described as one of the largest clothing retailer in the world. Hence, this report will further discuss

  • Uniqlo Supply Chain

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    It has got superior value in the market because of its quality and creativity is maintained in every sphere of its production process.   6) Zara Zara is one of the top clothing brand all over the world. This is the number one competitor of Uniqlo and all other brand. It has got 1603 store in 78 countries of the world. Those stores are located in world largest cities. This retailer proved that international

  • Uniqlo Written Proposal

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    Written Proposal Introduction: This report is about Uniqlo’s competitive environment using Michael Porter’s Five Force Model. Uniqlo is a Japanese company which engages in designing casual wear clothes, manufacturing clothes and retailing clothes. Uniqlo in Hong Kong has established a profitable business constantly recording extremely high sales on a per store basis. Uniqlo offers fashionable and high quality clothing at reasonable prices, and was seized as an opportunity to establish a brand position

  • Uniqlo Case Study

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    brands out there such as ZARA, H&M, and Gap. UNIQLO is also one of the biggest apparel companies as one of the world’s largest clothing companies. According to the UNIQLO’s website, there are 1,920 stores in 18 countries in four different regions such as Asia, Australia, North America, and Europe (The Fast Retailing). I have many of UNIQLO’s clothes such as t-shirts, sweaters, jackets, and so on. UNIQLO sells high quality, affordable clothes. I feel UNIQLO has much higher quality than other fast fashion