United Nations resolutions

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  • United Nations Security Council Resolution

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    Abstract This paper evaluates the United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 242 with regard to its historical background, interpretations, aftermath, present status, and legal ramifications. UNSCR 242 was drafted after the Six-Day war between Israel and Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. This resolution is the bedrock of further treaties that were signed. According to the resolution, Israel is supposed to return the captured land, however, due to a conflict of interpretation, there has been several

  • Andrew Lindberg Case Analysis

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    OFFP (Oil for Food Program) exercised sanctions and Escrow was paid and the revenue generated from Petroleum products were accounted in the United Nation’s Escrow account. These proceeds collected in the escrow accounts could be released only for the transaction of permitted commodities including food stuffs. AWB was a major supplier of Wheat to Iraq under the Oil for Food Program (Australasian

  • The Problem Of Human Intervention

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    many governments and non-governmental organizations. The United Nations, along with many other great powers of the world, decided the right way to handle the Crisis in Congo was with the use of human intervention. The Independence from Belgium granted new opportunities in Congo . However, the citizens of Congo rapidly separated into different subdivisions within the new nation thus starting the first of many civil wars.

  • Guerrilla War Essay

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    the United Nation in the development of the Falklands war was to keep the peace between the British and Argentina. The United Nation security council developed Resolution 502 in April 3rd, 1982 and Resolution 505 There were two resolutions 505 in May 26th, 1982. Role of the United Nations: - Sir Anthony Parsons, the Ambassador of United Kingdom's United Nations, wanted Argentina to move out of the Falklands and go back to their country. He sent a draft resolution to the United Nations

  • League Of Nations And The Treaty Of Versailles

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    of Nations, and the Treaty of Versailles were both made after World War I to be sure that another war would not happen in the future. Both resolutions were mobilized when the world was oppressed, but both historical events had many details that made up the organizations. When analyzing the League of Nations, and the Paris Peace Conference and the Treaty of Versailles one can note various comparisons, and contrasts; such as, all the countries and leaders involved, and the way the resolutions were

  • The Democratic People 's Republic Of Korea

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    liberation from Japan. This resulted in the emergence of Kim Il-Sung, who, in 1948, ended up becoming the first premier of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Meanwhile, the United Nations General Assembly decided to allow the constitution of the Republic of Korea. In 1950, rivalries between these two hostile nations soon erupted into a war. This war resulted in 2.5 million casualties, and ended in July 1953, with Korea still separated into two opposing states. On its southern portion of the

  • Essay On Iraq

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    United Kingdom has voted in favor of all the resolutions in which resolution 1-1 is based on; 1189 (1998), 1269 (1999), 1368 (2001), and 1373 (2001). Thus, demonstrating a strong commitment to condemn terrorist attacks over the years. Once again, United Kingdom will vote in favor of a resolution that is believed to maintain worldwide peace and security, to condemn terrorist acts, and to foster cooperation between nations in order to solve the conflict. Through peaceful and diplomatic processes,

  • Uav Use And Its Impact On The 21st Century

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    Hewitt and Elmer Sperry, who were members of the United States Navy during World War 1, whom remotely controlled unmanned cruise missiles that decimated their targets. The development of cruise missiles continued throughout World War 2 and beyond. In 1973, the first reconnaissance UAVs, the TU-143s, were manufactured in the Soviet Union and used by Syria, the Ukraine, Czech Republic, Iraq, Romania, and Slovakia (spioenkop.blogspot.com). The United States developed drones throughout the 1980s, but

  • World War II : The Largest And Deadliest War

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    sound, the United States and the Soviet Union. In an effort to prevent another world war from happening and “to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war,” the United Nations was formed ("Charter of the United Nations"). It has been over seventy years since the United Nations took on the role of international peacekeepers and the world has experienced dramatic changes. However, today’s world is much different than it was in the postwar era of World War II and the United Nations has come

  • Us Involvement In North Korea

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    of Korea. Meanwhile, the United Nations General Assembly decided to allow the constitution of the Republic of Korea. In 1950, tensions between these two hostile governments soon erupted into a war. This war resulted in 2.5 million casualties, and ended in July 1953, with