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  • Brothers, Ram And Carl Grimm And The Grimm Brothers

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    lived with their aunt while acquiring an education. Dorothea, raised her six children until 1808 when she passed away. At 23 years old, Jacob is left to raise his 5 younger surviving siblings. From 1802 to 1806 Jacob, and then Wilhelm, go to the University of Marburg for

  • Albert Einstein's Role In The Life Of Emmy Noether

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    Likened to Albert Einstein, Emmy Noether didn’t care for her appearance and rather preferred to be judged on her mental capabilities. She played a pivotal role in the creation of abstract algebra, as well as a collaborator on multiple crucial cases one of which involved equipping a formula to Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. She was eccentric at times, unkempt, didn’t wear the traditional clothing for a woman of her time, and above all else she was brilliant in a time when women’s minds were

  • Social Class In The Poor Man, And The Poor Man And The Black Bride

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    It doesn't matter how rich or poor, but how they value others. Social class is a big part of any society. It defines how people look and treat each other. In theory the rich have more and the poor have less. The Grimm Brothers, Jacob and Wilhelm, use social class in many of their stories and fairy tales to convey the idea that the poor have less to offer, but they will offer anything and everything if it means they could help another person. Basically, it’s saying by doing the right thing there

  • The Role Of Justice In Jacob And Wilhelm Grimm's Little Snow-White

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    In Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm's Little Snow-White, justice is represented through the development of Snow-White's character, and can be portrayed by the pronounced attributes that contribute to her transition, such as purity, gullibility, and beauty. The Grimm brothers explore how the bounds of justice are empowered by the specific characteristics of an individual. Throughout the short story, it becomes evident that Snow-White is portrayed as pure. She beholds the innocence of youth, which can be

  • The Fairytales We Know Today Came About In Our World

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    The Romanticism Era How did the fairytales we know today came about in our world? Years ago, the Era of Romanticism was started by men and women who let their imagination take them away from a world where religion and politics dominated. Nature became the root of their ideas and literature was glorified like a religion. The human spirit was examined in their eyes and they formed stories that intrigued the people in that time period. The origin of the literary movement, the lifestyle, and the literary

  • Essay on Biography on Felix Christian Klien

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    Felix Klein graduated from the gymnasium in Düsseldorf, he went to the University of Bonn and studied math and physics from 1865-1866. Before Felix Klein had studied non-Euclidean geometry, he first wanted to be a physicist. While still at the University of Bonn he was

  • Emmy Noether

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    their application to commutative fields and its cross products. In the last years of her career she was one of the she was the most influential mathematician at Göttingen.Due to Nazis seizing germany in 1933, Emmy and multiple Jewish professors at Göttingen were ordered to leave. A year later in 1934, Nazi political pressures led her brother Fritz Noether to quit from his pose at Breslau and whereas she was offered a visiting position to be a professor at Bryn Mawr College. She later left to the United

  • A Brief Look at George Friedrich Bernhard Riemann

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    in Breselenz, Germany, was a prominent and influential mathematician during the nineteenth century. At a young age, Riemann was recognized by his teachers for his swift grasping of complicated mathematical operations. Riemann attended the University of Gottingen where he developed a strong foundation in theoretical physics from Johann Listing and other notable professors. Riemann introduced concepts of mathematical importance such as the complex variable theory, analytic number theory, and differential

  • Emmy Noether Biography

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    at schools for young women.     At the age of 18, Emmy decided to take mathematic classes at the University of Erlangen. The university refused to let Emmy take classes because she was a woman but

  • Carl Gauss Essay

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    In 1795, an ambitious Gauss left Brunswick to study at Gottingen University. His teacher there was Kaestner, whom Gauss was known to often ridicule. During his entire time spent at Gottingen Gauss was known to acquire only one friend among his peers, Farkas Bolyai, whom he met in 1799 and stayed in touch with for many years. In 1798 Gauss left Gottingen without a diploma. This did not mean that his efforts spent in the university were wasted. By this time he had made on of his most important