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  • NFL Stadiums : The Causes And Cons Of NFL Stadiums

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    Sports Stadiums are an iconic staple of American tradition. However not everything about these venues is positive. Team owners take advantage of laws and fans to meet their own goals. Citizens and city officials from various locations have taken up their grievances with the NFL in the past. And it has gotten to the point where even political parties join together to bring to light issues with the organization. NFL stadiums are not good for cities because they take advantage of tax payers, hurt citizens

  • Arizona Homeowners Insurance

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    This city is also is the sixth most populous city in the nation. Phoenix has a population of 1.513 million. The National Climatic Data Center concluded that this city basks in sunshine more often than any other metropolitan area in the US. The sun shines in Phoenix during 85 percent of its daylight hours. Being the most populated city in the state, the homeowners insurance average rate is $1,629 annually.

  • NFL 50 Green Initiatives

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    of reclaimed water and wood and waste recycling. The Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco, that hosted the Super Bowl 50, is the NFL’s first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certified stadium endorsing renewable energy. The stadium uses 85% reclaimed water and reclaimed wood and 64% of all consumer waste and 87% of durable goods in the stadium are recycled. While in the Super Bowl 49, at the University of Phoenix Stadium, the green initiatives included distributing food to local

  • The Rise Of Solar Stadiums

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    The Rise of Solar Stadiums: Assessing the Motives and Environmental Impact Super Bowl XLVIII. February 2nd, 2014. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As time expires, Mason Crosby kicks a field goal that soars through the uprights and hits . . . a wind turbine? Suddenly, this scenario does not sound so far-fetched: the Philadelphia Eagles have announced their intention to convert Lincoln Financial Field into the “world’s greenest stadium” (Bauers). As part of the initiative, the Eagles plan to take

  • Research Paper On Football Stadiums

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    Olatunde Fadahunsi WWSD 350 Position Paper 1 Public spending on the creation of football stadiums often is something we do not place much consideration or focus on. It is interesting to see that these sports teams are successful business yet they are still utilizing taxpayer funds to grow and expand in unnecessary ways. It was stated that 29 of the 32 NFL stadiums have enjoyed billions of dollars in public funding. We are, too often, attracted and incited by the sold benefits of providing funding

  • Fans Are Not Like In Sports Stadiums

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    because stadiums do not do much to encourage them to come back. Without incentives, stadiums will lose many people at events and that results in a major loss of income. In order for a stadium to be successful, owners must intimately know what fans dislike, have a clear understanding of what they like, and figure out what fans want in sports stadiums in order for them to come back. A big amount of money is made in stadiums when the owners find out what the fans like seeing in the stadiums and even

  • How Did The Super Bowl Affect The Economy

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    There are two type of people in the United States, those who like watching the Super Bowl for football and those who just watch the commercials. However, the Super Bowl has not always been about commercials. The very first Super Bowl occurred on the Fifteenth of January in 1967 (“Super Bowl I Box Score: Green Bay 35, Kansas City 10.”). Nearly 62,000 people were in attendance and the game was also broadcast on national TV. The Green Bay Packers won the original Super Bowl by 25 points with a score

  • La Grove Field Case Study

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    field is to be torn down. 3. Holbrook University suffered a devastating loss on Friday in their last game of the season and the last game to be played on La Grove Field. 4. The final game to be played on the 102-year-old La Grove Field ended in a devastating one-point loss against Hastings. Though the sting of the loss is still fresh for Holbrook, the team has the opportunity to rise like a phoenix from ashes with the construction of their new stadium. Exercise 2 Would you spend $100 on a

  • Chase Field Stadium Case Study

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    removing all trash cans to divert their food from landfills by composting. This resulted in over 3.5 tons of recycle materials and over 1 ton of compost material. If the Arizona Diamondbacks can implement more sustainable practices at the Chase Field Stadium, which is a

  • Moving To Arlington Essay

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    largest among the four independent school districts which administer secondary and primary education in Arlington. Arlington has several public institutions such as University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) which is the largest in North Texas. It also has private institutions such as Arlington Baptist College, Kaplan College and University of Phoenix. Arlington Hospitals Medical Center Arlington is one of the top ranked medical facilities in the city. Other hospitals include; HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital