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  • S. E. Hinton Passion

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    all over the U.S. and is known mostly for her body of work. S.E. Hinton was born on July 22, 1950 in Oklahoma, Tulsa (“Hinton,S.E.” and (“S(usan)E(loise)Hinton.”). Hinton is 67 years old , currently living in Brooklyn, New York as an American (“S.E.Hinton”) (“S.E.Hinton”Jon) (“S.(usan)E(loise)Hinton.”). She graduated High School and she earned a B.S. at the University at Tulsa in

  • Susan Eloise Hinton Essay

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    Jayda Janway Mrs. Luman English II October of 2017 S. E. Hinton: One of the most successful authors from Oklahoma. This is where Susan Eloise Hinton’s story begins. She was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on July 22, 1948 to Lilian and Grady P. Hinton. The author grew up in Tulsa as well, beginning to kick off her writing career during the year of 1967 when her first book came out, titled “The Outsiders”. She was inspired at a young age, 17 to be exact, and began being called ‘The Voice of The Youth’.

  • Tulsa History Essay

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    University Of Tulsa History The University of Tulsa is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States, but was first founded in Muskogee, Oklahoma which is about an hour an ten minutes away from tulsa. It was in Indian territory to offer education to creek girls, In 1894 William Robert King of the Synod of Indian Territory asked the presbyterian board of home missions in new york city to evaluate the academy’s status and charter it as Henry Kendall College, To honor their late general secretary and devoted

  • Tulsa Community College Student Analysis

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    if they should spend that much just to attend school. On a Tulsa Community College site, the publisher of “Cost of Attendance” asserts that TCC offers the cheapest fee’s. As the publisher of the site, they state That the “Tuitions fees are $2,800” the “Book and Supplies are $1,560” the “Rooms are $8,694” the “Boards are $2,367” and “Transportation is $1,178”. These are by far the lowest prices to be observed for a high school senior. Tulsa Community College is really doing it’s best to help and support

  • A Short Note On Oklahoma Race Riots And The Black Wall Street

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    Tu   Tulsa Race Riots On May 31-June 1, 1921, a series of actions occurred in Greenwood, a small district in the northern parts of Tulsa, Oklahoma, which are now called the Tulsa race Riots. Being a segregated city like the rest of Oklahoma, many of Tulsa’s African American citizens resided in Greenwood- an area composed of predominately African American communities and business locations. The discovery of oil is the number one reason why Tulsa’s economy flourished. There was an abundance of

  • Analysis Of The Movie ' The All American Movie Experience '

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    Two American cities Tulsa and Miami competed in the All-American City (AAC) Contest set by the famous director Steven Spielberg for the purpose of shooting his movie “The All-American Movie Experience” in one of these cities. Through this competition, each city committee tried to present that their city reflects the American culture more than other. Throughout my essay I will argue that Tulsa should be chosen to be the All-American city rather than Miami. This will be demonstrated by contrasting

  • Buck Franklin Research Paper

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    court victory for blacks residents of the 1921 Tulsa race riots, Franklin was born in 1897 and was also named after his grandfather who had been a slave of the Chickasaw family In Oklahoma after completing his studies he opened his law practice in the white town of Ardmore Oklahoma the racial tension at the time was so strong he decided relocate to Tulsa and focus on his practice on helping people in the black communities the greenwood district of Tulsa was one of the wealthiest enclaves of the black

  • TU Vs TCC

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    After highschool I intend on attending college. I’m interested in the University of Tulsa (TU) and Tulsa Community College (TCC) as viable options for my college career. These colleges interest me because of their location, financial options, and academics. TU offers excellent engineering programs which is one reason I am leaning towards TU. On the other hand, TCC has the right price. Both of my college options have rich and intriguing histories. The TU website article “History and traditions” claims

  • Graduation Speech : Education And Education

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    Education I earned both my Bachelor’s of Arts in Liberal Education and my Master’s in Education-Urban Education at Langston University in Tulsa, OK; Langston is a Historically Black College with a commitment to educational focus on diversity and underrepresented populations. While pursuing both degree programs I worked full time as a teaching assistant and, later, as a teacher in a high poverty school whilst taking my courses in the evenings, weekends and summers. During my Master’s program I was

  • Mcalester High School Case Study

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    Thirty–nine members of Mrs. Penny Oss’ morning English classes at McAlester High School recently traveled to Tulsa to tour Tulsa Community College—SE campus. TCC is one of the best values among Oklahoma’s state–supported colleges and universities. TCC has four campuses in Tulsa. McAlester GEAR UP students toured the Southeast campus, encircling a landscaped green space and campus ponds. There are nine buildings on the TCC–SE campus. What makes the campus unique is that the buildings are connected