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  • University Of Wisconsin La Crosse Student Life

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    Introduction According to the U.S. News and World Report article, "University of Wisconsin La Crosse Student Life", 10,558 students are enrolled at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse; of those students, only 36 percent, or 3,800 students live in college owned, operated, or affiliated housing (U.S. News and World Report). The demand for off campus college rentals is explained by the 6,738 students all seeking a place to live. Students are always looking for certain amenities to be included with

  • The Effects Of Volunteering On College Students

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    Not only does volunteering create a positive impact on students’ lives, but it also has been shown to improve the moral development of these college students. A study conducted at various universities in the United States such as University of Portland, St. Thomas and Notre Dame researched if their service learning programs had statistically impacted moral reasoning in the students involved in these programs. Subjects were required to take a pre-and post-Defining Issues Test after the service learning

  • Microbiology Personal Statement

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    During my time at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse, it was there that I not only discovered my passion for microbiology; but it was where I became aware of my career goal, to be an educator at the university level. While as a teaching assistant for a Fundamentals of Microbiology laboratory, I established that I wanted to become a professor. I want to become and educator because, I look back at how much of an impact my professors at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse and the Medical College

  • The Segregation And Subjugation Of African Americans

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    climax of the Civil War. George later claimed that when he was an orphan whom had lived in dry good boxes in Alton. In 1865 at the age of seven, George boarded the Hawkeye State, a side paddle wheeler, and disembarked at La Crosse, Wisconsin, on May 8, 1865. In 1865, La Crosse had a small but active black

  • Viterbo University Student Analysis

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    My plans for my junior and senior years at Viterbo University encompass continuing to strive as an undergraduate student. My plans are to continue my academic achievement as always being a Dean’s List student. Also, I want to become more involved in the community and campus. I plan to become more involved in SDA club (Student Dietetic Association). I would like to hold a leadership position in SDA club so that I can utilize my leadership skills to be a role model for younger dietetics students.

  • Dpt Essay Examples

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    The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Doctor of Physical Therapy program is a unique and prestigious program designed to challenge the future Physical Therapists of our society. The rigor and competitive reputation of the program, the focus on collaboration and evidence-based education, and the service to the La Crosse community are just a few of the many reasons I am applying to this program. As a current undergraduate student, I value the collaboration in my current education and love that the

  • Mayo Clinic Cover Letter Sample

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    August 29, 2015 To Whom It May Concern: I am interested in the Health Information Specialist position that I noticed on the Mayo Clinic Jobs website. I am a University of Wisconsin – La Crosse graduate with a major in Biology – Environmental Science and a minor in Microbiology. Since graduation, I have worked for the La Crosse County Health Department. Most of this time was spent working in Vector Control where I was part of a team that regularly sampled for mosquito larvae and treated the areas

  • Medical Technologist Application

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    The reason I’m writing to you today is in the hopes of obtaining a position at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I am applying for the Medical Technologist-Microbiology position. The hospital’s website is the way I came across this job posting. It made the application process very efficient and streamline. I am applying for this position as a medical laboratory technologist to expand my knowledge and gain experience in the work field. I will apply the knowledge and experience I have gained

  • Apachain Research Paper

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    Introduction This proposal is to help bring to life the Semester on the Appalachain, a semester long expedition on the Appalachian Trail for a group of ten participants, in order to provide an environment that can not be replicated in a typical classroom setting. In the proposal, it will provide research on the benefits of experiential and expedition education, improvement on psychological health, and organizations that run similar programs. When you picture a classroom, what do you think of? You

  • My Reflection Of Enriching The Campus Community

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    Enriching The Campus Community Upon my admittance to the University of Wisconsin at La Crosse(U-WL), I am confident I will become a great asset to the campus. My leadership skills, dedication, hard work and commitment to my values and goals will allow me to positively contribute to this already dynamic campus. I hold strong to my beliefs and lead by example in living them every day. I am a student who is dedicated to academic extracurriculars. I have been a member of our National Honor Society