Unrestricted submarine warfare

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  • The U-Boats: Terror Of The Seas

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    By the fall of 1917, the Allies would be losing more ships than could be built to the submarines. Now, though, the Allies had America on their side and the American navy would certainly make a difference, though it might not be enough. Then, American Rear Admiral William S. Sims aided in designing a convoy system to defend all manner of ships

  • Why Did The United States Entry Into World War 1

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    Claim: What claim can you make to answer the document based question? The United States entrance into World War 1 was not the correct decision Argumentative Point 1: They only entered the war for money and it only benefitted the wealthy business owners Evidence from Document #2 Argumentative Point 2: The people who suffered had no say in what was happening Evidence from Document #3 Argumentative Point 3: They lied to the public and if they did not lie then they would have chosen to not enter Evidence

  • Was Unrestricted Submarine Warfare By Germany The Principle Reasons For United States Involvement Essay

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    A: Identification and Evaluation of Sources To what extent was unrestricted submarine warfare by Germany the principle reason for United States involvement in the First World War? Germany was the main culprit of using submarines in order to threaten ships of other countries and their main target Great Britain. In 1915 when Germany released a policy called “Unrestricted submarine warfare”, this would give Germany the right to attack ships that would cross the war zone. This would later on lead

  • Taking a Look at Mine Warfare

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    Mine warfare is the strategic, operational, and tactical use of sea mines and the countermeasures to defeat them. These weapons are so dangerous and efficient which is why foreign navies and even terrorist possess these weapons. The history of these weapons goes back to 1776; a year after our nation’s Navy was born. A man named David Bushnell created a mine that was composed of a watertight keg, filled with black powder and a flintlock detonator which was suspended from a float (Levie). The kegs

  • Remote Minehunting System ( Rms ) Of Littoral Combat Ship

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    But, it is capable of conducting open-ocean operation as well. It is designed to defeat asymmetric threats. Mines, submarines and fast surface craft can be shown as unique examples of asymmetric threats. The LCS, which is a fast, maneuverable surface ship, provides warfighting capabilities for tasks/missions including mine warfare, anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and anti-surface warfare (ASUW). The RMS, which will be deployed on LCS, is a component of the LCS Mine Countermeasures (MCM) mission package

  • Submarines: The Vietnam War

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    member of the "submarine club". With the existing six submarines, Vietnam's ability to defend and control territorial waters has increased significantly. However, with the topographic features of the South China Sea, kilos can not work effectively in certain areas such as estuaries, bays or islands, this is necessary for the purpose of Vietnam's sea defense in the current geopolitical situation. So, sooner or later, the second submarine brigade, that is based on high mobility mini submarine that replenishing

  • Introduction Sound has different properties in water than it has in the air; it travels much faster

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    Introduction Sound has different properties in water than it has in the air; it travels much faster and further than that of in the air. So many sea animals have poor vision and rely upon sound as a primary sense. As well as sea animals and fish also use and respond to underwater sound. Noise pollution can cause deafness and interference with fish communication, schooling and habitat utilization (Weilgart 2008). There is also a possibility that marine mammal’s ability to catch prey can be interrupted

  • The War Was Going On America

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    and refused to fight their own people. For example, the Germans who were a large immigrant group during that time. However, as time went by, America’s view slowly started to change because of the fear of a possible economic collapse, unrestricted submarine warfare and the Zimmerman telegram which all led to the United States entrance into the Fist World War. A Possible Economic Collapse One reason America entered the First World War was because many feared an economic collapse. In the initially

  • America 's Motives For The War I

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    trade partners were to produce it, this will later affect Germany’s decision to continue their strategy of unrestricted submarine warfare on ships. Neutrality was hard to maintain when the United States’ closest trading partner, Britain, was quarantined by German ships. Germany were sinking ships that entered British waters, neutral or not. The Germans resorted to unrestricted submarine warfare against all ships because of the British Naval blockade that was

  • Why Did The Us Enter Ww1 Essay

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    WW1 because of Germany's unrestricted warfare, their lost of trust with Germany and the allies Germany tried to make with Mexico against the US. The US entered WW1 because of Germany's unrestricted submarine warfare. Germany had a plan, they did not want the US to enter the war. They decided that if they do a warning it will scare the US and they won't enter. History.com, a website with multiple authors wrote an article named “Germany Resumes Unrestricted Submarine Warfare” says that “By 1917, the