Unsuccessful nominations to the Supreme Court of the United States

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  • Merrick Garland Cases

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    The United States president, Barack Obama, nominated a longtime federal judge Merrick Garland to take the position of the Supreme Court and replace the former justice, Antonin Scalia. Merrick Garland’s past decisions related to different issues had made him the talk of the town. Although Garland has a 19 year record on the U.S. court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, this does not lend him to a fast evaluation (Mcshane). It has been more than a few months since Justice Antonin Scalia had

  • Richard Milhous Nixon, 37Th President Of The United States,

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    president of the United States, was born January 9, 1913 in Yorba Linda, California. Nixon was one of the most controversial politicians. He used the communist scare of the late forties and early fifties to catapult his career, but as president he eased tension with the Soviet Union and opened relations with Red China. He was president during the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War. Nixon gained valuable experience in international affairs as a new member of the United States Congress. He helped

  • James Buchanan Vs. Dred Scott Case

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    James Buchanan was an unsuccessful president due to his unwillingness to see the national effects of his decisions on slavery. In his inaugural address, Buchanan signaled his desire to serve as a “peacemaker.” At the time of his election to President in 1856 under the Democratic nomination, few people expected him to have Republicans in the cabinet. Yet he almost had no Democratic representation. Regardless of the appointees to his cabinet, Buchanan was stubborn and stuck to his own views, either

  • “What Is Fueling This Anger, This Political Insanity? The

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    that concerns Americans. While the Affordable Care Act insured a great number of individuals. Trump’s plan is to repeal and replace the ACA, with no real plan of his own. Trump supported the House GOP plan and Paul Ryan, of course this plan was unsuccessful as an attempt to quickly create a healthcare bill fumbled. This plan took place without bipartisanship as the GOP attempted to move the bill without a strategy to promote bipartisanship. The Committee for a Responsible Budget estimates that there

  • The Judiciary Of A Country Essay

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    sense of urgency to address this issue. A more diverse judiciary is seen as more of a desire than a necessity. This complacency can be partially attributed to an assumption that eventually the judiciary will balance itself but this has proven to be unsuccessful. The case for judicial diversity generally fall within the scope of three arguments. Firstly is the argument from the standpoint of democratic legitimacy. This is the idea that it is principally wrong for the judiciary to be comprised primarily

  • The Importance Of Election For President Of Georgia

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    topic. Therefore, due to my belief of the American Dream as well as in the fact that America was founded upon immigrants, I support the continuation of immigration into this country. However, I do not agree with how these immigrants come into the United States. So, throughout my campaign, I intend to advocate a measure that would strengthen our borders as well as force incoming immigrants to apply for citizenship; without doing so, they will be immediately deported. In addition, those immigrants who

  • The Life Of The Party

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    candidates to prove themselves even further. Furthermore, this reveal many more opinions and opportunities to the eye of the American public, allowing for entirely educated decisions from a range of choices. This is a change in the government of the United States of America that is not only certainly feasible, but also necessary. Recently,

  • Abraham Lincoln : The Greatest Presidents

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    Abraham Lincoln is widely known as one of the greatest presidents we have had. He hold this title because he got out country through the civil war. Even though he tried to prevent this war from happening he used everything in his power to bring it to a stop once it had begun. Lincoln had the utmost confidence in the Union and this showed by how America healed from the tragic death he went through. While Lincoln was in office his main priorities was to see this nation flourish and he did everything

  • Spain vs. Usa: Differences in Government and Political Systems

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    The United States of America vs. Spain Differences in Government and Political Systems Claire Hansen Abstract There are a multitude of political systems around the world today. Regardless of similarities, each has its own unique qualities. This paper will discuss the differences and similarities of the political systems and government of both the United States of America and Spain. First, a short analysis of each countries history will be provided. This will give some background to the political

  • Abraham Lincoln Essay

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         Lincoln’s experience in New Salem was not an all around unsuccessful one. He did manage to become Postmaster as well as Deputy County Surveyor. He was also finally elected to the Illinois General Assembly on August fourth as a member of the Whig party, at the young age off 24. At this point in his life, Lincoln