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  • Personal Narrative: My Adoption Story

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    Inspiration does not simply come to the mind like a dog to a whistle. discovering something inspiring that opens up a new mindset takes time, reason, and sometimes it even takes facing hardships. Events and experiences occur every second to humankind, and they can cause an impact so large that it changes or dramatically shapes them as an individual. Countless children are adopted as infants, ready to be taken home to a young, newlywed couple that have hearts big enough to hold you in their warmth

  • Creative Writing: Theodora

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    wanted to believe it. “Is that really Theodora?” Vella whispered, looking at Shay. A few facial similarities were there, but this woman before them was not the kind-hearted witch they once knew. Her skin was now a sickly green color, her hair tucked up under a pointy hat. Her face wasn’t even the same- its features were much more pointed than before. No longer did she wear shades of red,

  • My Mind Is A Mystery

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    as if a force was lifting a metaphorical weight from off of my back. I could feel positivity and love in the air, thicker than the oxygen i was breathing. I felt home. The darker it got, the more it glowed. Literally. The electric forest was lighting up, and I can tell you I saw heaven that day. Lasers and lanterns and lights as far as the forest stretched. The way the lights moved, it looked as if the trees were breathing. I could’ve stayed in the forest all night. I would’ve, but Kaskade was going

  • Wes Anderson : A Creative And Unique Filmmaker

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    instead. A dolly shot consists of a camera set up on a wheeled cart traveling on a specific track to create smooth movements. In the film, the dolly shot prompts the audience to feel as though they are inside the house as well, experiencing a slight dollhouse perception. As the dolly moves throughout, it stops at several rooms showing the objects and the blocking of characters in them. By the last room scene, the dolly pauses and zooms in to a close up of Suzy reading a book. After a few seconds, Suzy

  • Themes In Billy Elliot

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    conflicts Billy faces in his personal life. The first conflict occurs when Jackie and Tony find out that Billy has been going to ballet instead of boxing and Tony lifts Billy up and puts him on the kitchen table and tells him to “dance, you little twat!”. Chaos ensues as the kitchen, which was originally a place of solidarity has become a war-zone. This shows how a man was viewed in Billy’s society. The house, mainly the kitchen represents the conflict in Billy’s personal life by being the setting for

  • Inspector Li And Ah Jong

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    despite his violent profession. Li has a sense of justice but he lacks passion and compassion. Through Ah Jong, Li discovers how passion and compassion allow him to resist the unjust system that he is a part of (Tan 60). This gives him a sense of personal power despite the contradictions in his identity. Li’s quest for identification reflects the postcolonial need for a fluid identity in Hong Kong: in “The

  • The Technique Of Film And Video Editing

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    most emotional scenes in the narrative I will be using Close up shots. A camera technique made famous by D.W. Griffith(Dancygey 2011: 5). Like Mr. Griffith tried to achieve with his audience, I want the spectators watching our film to show sympathy towards our protagonist. This will make them feel emotionally involved with the film(Dancyger 2011: 5). The scene in the beginning of the film where the actor sheds a tear, I will be using the close up shot and paying clearly emphasis on the tear as it drops

  • Lord of the Flies

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    Hidden inside every human being is the urge to obide by law and authority and to act civilised, but hidden much deeper is the temptation to resist acting lawfully and resort to savagery. Sometimes, these two impulses conflict with one another and people are confused as to which desire to follow through with. William Golding’s Lord of the Flies and John Polson’s Hide and Seek are two prime examples that demonstrate the conflict between civilised behaviour and savagery through their characters’ cultured

  • The Film Blood Diamond By Edward Zwick

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    In the film Blood Diamond, the director Edward Zwick uses the opening and closing scenes to show the socio-political effects of western consumerism in an underdeveloped society, in particular the Conflict Diamond trade and its effects, he uses this to highlight the idea of the ‘boy being the diamond’ within the film. Consumerism is seen to be the cause of death and destruction in the once beautiful landscape of Africa with portrait shots of mountains and beautiful sunsets. In both scenes the director

  • Build Up of Suspense in the Film Jaws Essay

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    Build Up of Suspense in the Film Jaws The film is called ‘JAWS’ and is successfully directed by Steven Spielberg. I will be analyzing how Spielberg builds up suspense and scares the audience throughout this film, considering how camera shots, music and characters’ reactions help to build this effect. The film is purposely named ‘JAWS’ as it is about a supernatural predator that killed many people with his deadly jaws without prejudice and discrimination. ‘JAWS’ is a