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  • URINE REPORT Essay example

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    URINE WHAT IS URINE  is a liquid by-product of the body secreted by the kidneys through a process called urination(or micturition) and excreted through the urethra. Kidney’s waste from protein metabolism  urination - the primary method for excreting water-soluble chemicals from the body. Dark yellow urine is often indicative of dehydration. Yellowing/light orange may be caused by removal of excess B vitamins from the bloodstream. Certain medications such as rifampin and phenazopyridine can

  • The Effect Of Different Fluids On Urine Volume, Concentration, And Ph

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    Timothy Cirera WED Lab Physiology 12 Renal Lab Effects of Different Fluids on Urine Volume, Concentration, and pH Introduction The examination of urine is called urinalysis, which is a diagnostic method for assessing renal function and diagnosing various types of pathophysiology involving not on the kidneys but other organs and tissues as well. We will be focusing on the kidneys for this experiment. The kidneys play an essential role in regulating of extracellular concentrations of water, electrolytes

  • Micro-extraction of urine and/or stomach contents and analysis by TLC

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    Micro-extraction of urine and/or stomach contents and analysis by TLC Abstract Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) is one of the oldest chromatographic techniques used for the identification of compounds and for determination of the presence of trace impurities. The aim of the experiment was to determine two unknown samples (X and Y) by comparing results to the known standard drugs, of which there was five, using a specific TLC method. The same technique was used for the determination of

  • Cardiovascular Regulation Of Plasma Volume

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    volume, osmolality, and pH, the changes in urine flow rate, specific density, and urine pH of adult human subjects were measured. Subjects were assigned one of four beverage options: water, Gatorade, Coke, or nothing. Beverages of different compositions were used to study what effects does fluid intake have on urine volume and composition. Subjects fasted five hours prior to the experiment, in which the subjects were required to void and test their own urine every thirty minutes for 120 minutes after

  • A Study on the Urinary System and Preeclampsia

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    Urinary system comprises of tubes, organs, nerves, and muscles that work together to develop, store, and transport urine. The system is basically made up of two ureters, two kidneys, the urethra, two sphincter muscles, and the bladder. This system in the human body is primarily concerned with the filtering of extra fluid and substances from the bloodstream in the form of urine. While urine is used to extract extra blood corpuscles, vitamins, or mineral from the human body, it's a liquid created by the

  • Microscopic Analysis On Protein Blood Glucose Essay

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    function - End stage renal failure Y Gross Pathology Size Surface Features Cut Section Urine sample? 70.00.02 Normal Smooth Whole organ A0 71.92.08 Atrophied Granular Cortex or Medulla (reddish brown colour) both visible, but poorly defined A5 70.30.02 Enlarged Smooth Medulla (brown colour) boundary poorly defined A2 Photo-micrograph Normal Fairly Smooth Medulla (reddish) A4 3) Patient A0 The A0 urine sample comes from a 30-year-old adult who is also an extreme athlete. When observing

  • A Diagnostic Tool For Renal Disease And Hypertensive Disorders

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    Introduction Proteinuria is often used to detect the presence of any type of proteins in the urine and serves as a diagnostic tool for renal disease and hypertensive disorders. Among those disorders, pre-eclampsia is characterized by low renal perfusion and leakage of proteins in urine due to a damaged glomerular base membrane (1). This condition is associated with a high risk of maternal complications and prenatal mortality. Pre-eclampsia is usually defined as a combination of hypertension, edema

  • Analyzing The Results Of Your Urinalysis Report

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    assist you and help you decipher these terms. Specific gravity of a liquid or this case, urine, tells you how much more or less dense the liquid is than water and how efficiently your kidneys are diluting your urine.1 Your specific gravity was 1.024, which is a normal functioning level. Turbid is a term used to describe the clarity of urine. Urine clarity suggests substances that may be present in the urine.1 Your urine was classified as turbid, which has a cloudy, opaque appearance and suggests there

  • The Smell Of Urine Plague

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    The smell of urine plague the location you’re at in a stairwell somewhere in the projects of Chicago. Young men, ages of high school students believe you are a spy from a rival, threatening to kill you. You know you can’t do anything at this point to convince them you are not a rival nor part of any gang but a student surveying poor African Americans from the University of Chicago. Their leader, J.T. after spending the night with them, releases you, just to get an invitation to learn about the poor

  • Isolation, Examination, And Identification Of Gram Negative Pathogenic Bacteria

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    Examination, and Identification of Gram Negative Pathogenic Bacteria Present in Urine Used to Discover and Diagnose a Urinary Tract Infection Joel Goodwin (100119748) and James Bagley (Partner) 5 November 2014 Two urine samples were obtained, one from the researcher, and the other from an unknown patient labelled ‘pt 17’. The urine samples were diluted to 10-1 and 10-2 concentrations and were plated on TSA plates. The undiluted urine samples were also plated on MacConkey’s (MAC) agar plates, which only