Ursa Minor

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  • Ursa Minor Research Paper

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    My Cherished Constellation is Ursa Minor, also known as the little dipper. I have always been drawn to Ursa Minor because I have a series of moles on my leg that, as a child, I would play “connect the dots” on and discovered it looked a lot like the little dipper. I also had a special connection to the Ursa Minor constellation because it is often depicted as the little bear and bears are one of my favorite animals. Ursa Minor is the 56th constellation in size and contains one of the brightest stars

  • What Is The Origins Of Ursa Major And Minor In Roman Mythology

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    The origins of Ursa Major and Minor in Roman Mythology discuss how the God Jupiter fell in love with a maiden named Callisto. Jupiter’s wife Juno became jealous and when she discovered Callisto had given birth to a son she assumed Jupiter to be the father. She wanted to punish Callisto and Jupiter so she changed Callisto into a bear. Years later Callisto’s son, Arcas, comes across her in the forest and Callisto momentarily forgets that she’s a bear and rushes to great him. Arcas thinks he’s being

  • Descriptive Essay On Astronomy Camp

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    Astronomy Camp Slam! I shut the car door behind me. This would be the first year on my own, away from my home and my family. I set my feet on the rough, yet new looking gravel road and let out a sigh. From behind, I hear cars coming my way, and I look around at my surroundings as I grab my things. Trees of all shapes and forms surround me, their green leaves and giant branches enticing me to get closer. I swallow a lump that forms in my throat, urging the already swarming butterflies in my

  • Rape : A Common Narrative Element

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    A common narrative element in most Greek and Roman mythology is rape, whether it be at the will of the gods or mortal man. From these unions, deities and heroes are born, and/or social institutions are reinforced. Most stories of rape follow a similar structure: the god, or man, sees a beautiful woman and fills with love or burning passion, he devises a plan/disguise to rape her, and the significant other learns of the affair and is vengeful. In this essay, I will analyze how two rape stories from

  • Early North American Culture Analysis

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    Based on the readings this semester, many things make interesting connections between today’s cultures and early North American cultures. Three authors illustrate these connections very well: Olaudah Equiano, Roger Williams, and Anne Bradstreet. The authors give specific examples of what people did on a normal basis as well as what their “norms” were; these examples were well enough explained to be compared to today. Equiano’s examples will hit home for most as he explains his norms versus what today’s

  • Big Dipper Research Paper

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    it is difficult to discuss its significance without involving its companion, the little dipper. The little dipper is a different asterism that is a minimized version of the big dipper. The little dipper is also within a different constellation; Ursa Minor. Before 600 BCE, the little dipper was the formation of the constellation Draco the Dragon. However, in the year 600 BCE, the Phoenicians met with the Greek astronomer Thales and showed him how to use the little dipper stars to navigate the sky

  • My Childhood Memories Of My Grandfather And Me

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    Some of my favorite childhood memories are of my grandfather and me. One could say that we had a tradition. Often, he would pick me up from gymnastics and go through the drive through of McDonald’s to get me a chocolate shake. And during the trip to his house, we would talk about our day and the exciting things that had occurred. Although we talked about many different things on our way to his house, we always sang “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. I remember looking out the windows while we sang and

  • Personal Narrative: Mary Shelley's 'Brave'

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    My grandma Judy, she was, & still is, extremely special to me. She’ll always have a special place in my heart. She was strong. Brave. Wise. Smart. Beautiful. She always stood up for what she believed in. And that’s what I loved most about her. She knew a lot about Lakota ceremonies and she always took me to sun dances with her. She told me about the things they do at the dances, and why they do it. She educated me a lot about our culture. She always spoke to me in Lakota. She taught me a bit of Lakota

  • Observation of Earth’s Constellations Essay

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    Earth’s galaxy, the Milky Way consists of more than 100 billion stars, many of which can be interpreted by human visual perception, while other can only be observed with the aid of a magnifying or light-collecting optical device such as a telescope. The stars are organized into various groupings according to their visible arrangement as observed in earth’s atmosphere. Human beings from cultures of eras bygone such as the Greeks, Romans, and Babylonians, and bestowed most, if not all of the titles

  • Essay About Greek Gods

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    In Greek mythology, the relationship between gods and humans is complicated. The gods seem to do whatever they want with humans and kind of treat them as disposable slaves, but then in some accounts, the gods treat humans as friends and offer them help. As for the humans, they should treat the gods with respect and bow down to them because they are a greater being compared to humans. However, humans are not perfect and tend to upset the gods, but it is not always intentional. The gods, on the other