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  • Describe The Importance Of Seeing A Gynecologist

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    Importance of Seeing a Gynecologist A gynecologist is a medical expert who specializes in reproductive health in women. Whether you are sexually active or not, it is important that you visit your gynecologist regularly. Doing so allows you to better understand your body and find out how to take care of it properly. Seeing a gynecologist also gives you an understanding of your normal body conditions so you can spot abnormal changes in your body such as vaginal infections and get them treated early

  • Vulvovaginitis Essay

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    Vulvovaginal candidiasis is one of the most prevalent vaginal infections and represents, approximately 40%–50% of all cases of infectious vulvovaginitis [22]. The prevalence of RVVC among childbearing women and its importance as an Egyptian public health problem make an interest to continue research on such cases to add deep knowledge on RVVC and to understand the behavior of its pathogen and its epidemiology within Egyptian patients [23]. RVVC and its control by MBL was studied previously, but unfortunately

  • The Us Department Of Health And Human Services

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    percentage of 13%.6 When reviewing the risk factors for vaginitis such as lack of health insurance, tobacco use, lack of bachelors degree, Hispanic origin, etc., many of the women suffering from the condition fall under the category of the underserved population as defined above. This means that clinics with the purpose of treating underserved areas and populations must have a heightened awareness of the prevalence and significance of vaginitis and must be interested in staying up to date on the most

  • Tracey Case Study

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    CC Tracey is 40-year-old female here today complaining of vaginitis. HPI The patient tells me she thinks she has bacterial vaginosis. She had this diagnoses in the past and says it seems somewhat similar to her. She has had a little bit of discharge, which has been a [____] color. She has had really no odor associated with this discharge. It has been present for the last couple of days. Yesterday and only yesterday on one occasion did she had some burning after urination. She has not had

  • Bacterial Vaginosis Research Paper

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    term Hemophilus was popular until Greenwood and Pickett summarized all the bacteriologic evidence and showed that it belonged to neither genus but in fact represented a new genus not previously described.” Bacterial vaginosis was named Gardnerella vaginitis. Scientist thought that Gardnerella was the cause of the condition. Gardnerella was named after, Herman L. Gardner, a twentieth-century American bacteriologist. In honor of its principle discoverer Herman L. Gardner, they officially titled the

  • Gastrointestinal Lesions

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    Vaginitis and superficial uterine lesions were similar to epithelial lesions in other organ systems, with epithelial degeneration, necrosis, and hyperplasia. There were also necrotic foci in the uterine stroma and myometrium. Antigen was detected in vaginal

  • Difficulty Questioning Sexuality Analysis

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    competences. Questioning sexuality. In general, all GPs stated that they did not have problems with usual care when seeing women with different kinds of vulvovaginal complaints for which the diagnosis was straightforward. Examples were candida vaginitis, lichen sclerosus, atrophy or prolapse. Although questioning sexuality was mentioned by GPs as a way to establish a diagnosis on the moment they felt that diagnostics was uncertain, they experienced a threshold in taking a sexual history. This applied

  • Blunt Dissection

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    structures. Then the cord is exteriorized through the skin incision by curved artery forceps and tunica vaginitis is opened to expose the testicular vessels. The testicular artery and veins were identified and double transfixation ligatures are placed around the testicular vessels at two points about (2 cm) apart with non-absorbable suture material such as silk (size 1) (Fig.2). The tunica vaginitis is restitched with fine absorbable suture material (cat gut size 3/0). Finally the skin is closed by

  • Trichomonas Sexually Transmitted Disease

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    Trichomonas also known as Trich is a sexually transmitted infection caused by a parasite. It was first discovered by Donné in 1836 and today, it is responsible for 25 % of all cases of clinically diagnosed vaginitis. More than half of infected women and nearly 90% of infected men are asymptomatic which means producing or showing no symptoms and that increases the chances of people spreading the infection. Trichomoniasis is a very common sexually transmitted disease that is caused by infection with

  • Research Paper On Yeast Infection

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    The superlative way to have a good health and to avoid being ill is to maintain a clean body. Having a yeast infection symptoms means that your body is not hygienic. Ask anybody who recurrently suffers from yeast infections what their candidiasis symptoms are, and you will perhaps hear the same tale. Candida, yeast infections, or thrush are tremendously common ailments, particularly amid females (although males do get them as well), and the symptoms can be anything from somewhat irritating to truly