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  • The Rhetorical Analysis Of 'Best In Class'

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    the honorable titles of valedictorian and salutatorian.Though these titles have been a valued part of graduation for what seem like the entire history of American public schooling, they are under heavy scrutiny as impassioned and angry parents, as well as their hardworking students, attack the idea of only recognizing one or two of the class’s most talented seniors. In “Best in Class”, reporter Margaret Talbot challenges the traditional system of choosing a single valedictorian by by exposing the emotional

  • Long-Term Videography Analysis

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    I searched for videos displaying students with similar goals to mine. I did not find any long-term videography documenting a premedical undergraduate lifestyle. As my individual journey continued I wondered if others considering the medical field had a curiosity about the process, and because of this I began to study the methods needed to film, edit, and record my own videos in the hopes of aiding and entertaining up and coming scholars interested in medicine. I post a couple films on "CrisVlogs

  • Valedictorians Persuasive Essay

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    name a valedictorian,” remarks Kennedy, a quote in Margaret Talbot’s essay, “Best in Class.” This essay was published in the New Yorker Magazine in June 2005, but it can still be argued today. Talbot uses multiple quotes and sources to persuade her audience that there shouldn’t be any more valedictorians, and I agree. Valedictorians should be eliminated because it creates a division in the school, it’s unfair, and it’s too hard to pick just one student. The path to become valedictorian is too competitive

  • Persuasive Essay On Valedictorian Mansions

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    TITLE Imagine a Stay at the Lion and the Rose Victorian Bed and Breakfast in Portland, Oregon – Would You Be a Lion or a Rose? LEAD PARAGRAPH The Lion and the Rose is a majestic 1906 Queen Anne mansion, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This bed and breakfast features classic architecture with stylish comfort, romantic guest rooms, and visions of years past throughout. Located near the Moda Center and the Max light rail line, you can easily access all parts of Portland while staying

  • The Bullied Indian Valedictorian By Sherman Alexie

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    Brandon Borrego Professor Flores English 1301 M21 28 Oct. 2015 The Bullied Indian Valedictorian A rough childhood would be an understatement when talking about a minority child’s. Sherman Alexie’s “Indian Education” illustrates the life of a young Native American boy from early 1st grade, to the final moments he walked down to get his diploma. Along the way we are confronted by challenging suspects who test his patience and character. Being bullied in first grade, Victor tries to gain respect by

  • Speech About A Valedictorian Speech

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    Today is the day that I have been both eagerly and anxiously awaiting since the first day of freshman year: my valedictorian speech. I am sitting among hundreds of other students who are equally as prepared to receive their diploma and start their college careers as I. I am well aware that the last thing over four hundred teenage students want to do on a scorching summer day is sit and listen to my fifteen minute speech. I soon hear my queue from Mr. Joven, the principle, and begin to head towards

  • Narrative Speech : My Valedictorian Speech

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    stage. It was graduation day and it was only a matter of seconds before I had to give my valedictorian speech. I was going to have to say goodbye to the school that had the biggest impact in my life. I hope everything goes as planned, I thought as I kept pacing. There can’t be any mistakes. You made this perfect. You spent nights working on this. Just focus. “Now, let’s give it up for your valedictorian, Miss Isabella Mortensen,” Principal Francis said. Applause erupted from the crowd as I

  • The Concept Of A Single Valedictorian System In Margaret Talbot's Best In Class

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    declares that the concept of a single valedictorian is a great idea; however, the system used to calculate a valedictorian candidate is flawed; she uses appeal to Logos and an unemotional persona to provide evidence in her report. Talbot strongly uses Logos in her report on valedictorians by making convincing statements that the reader can easily grab onto. She does this by providing quotes from multiple people who have first hand experience on how the valedictorian system doesn’t work. When talking

  • Andrew Marvell's To His Coy Mistress and John Donne's A Valedictorian: Forbidding Mourning

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    Andrew Marvell's To His Coy Mistress and John Donne's A Valedictorian: Forbidding Mourning One may define poetry as imaginative and creative writing which uses elements like rhyme, meter, and imagery to express personal thoughts, feelings, or ideas. Certain subjects recur frequently in poetry such as carpe diem, nature, death, and family. Andrew Marvell's "To His Coy Mistress" and John Donne's "A Valediction: Forbiddmg Mourning," focus on the prevalent topic of love. Although both poems

  • Sigmund Freud and Leonardo da Vincy on Psychobiography

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    1907; Freud had decided to take a well needed trip to Rome. (Valedictorian) While in Rome Freud saw the sculpture (basso-relievo) that represented “Gradiva” on display at their museum called “The Museum of the Vatican”. (Valedictorian) Freud then purchased his own personal copy of the basso-relievo. (Valedictorian) Freud did this as others such as the author Wilhelm Jensen and the fictional Norbert had done previously before him. (Valedictorian) Freud had this great idea to hang this item, which is to