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  • Descriptive Essay About Eddie Van Halen

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    my dad’s music taste was vast, his staple was Van Halen. Little did I know how much that band would shape me as a person. While most fans were in love with David Lee Roth, (the singer) I was all about Eddie Van Halen; the greatest guitarist in the world. The greatest because to me, he isn't just a guitarist. He’s an innovator, a genius, and one of my biggest role models. While I think all art is powerful, it’s all subjective, and to me, Eddie Van Halen is the perfect example to why art is so powerful

  • Why Eddie Van Halen is an Influential Musician Essay

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    There are certain musicians that come along that shift a culture, attitude, or future musicians. Another musician that went on influence future generations and considered one of the greatest guitar players in the world is Eddie Van Halen. Eddie Van Halen was born in Holland in 1955 and immigrated to Pasadena California. At the age of seven, Eddie was training as a classical pianist, although his love for Rock and Roll was developing. He started working a paper route and used the money to buy a

  • Eddie Van Halen

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    He raised the bar of playing and caused guitarists to sacrifice all their time studying the instrument with the hope to keep up. The guitar work and techniques used in Van Halen were unheard of at the time. Eddie Van Halen is a special case, he invented and revolutionized completely new techniques. The most iconic technique used by the legend is the world famous tapping. This is when both hands of the guitar player are used on the fretboard to

  • Essay Heavy Metal in the 1980s

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    many successful bands. Van Halen took heavy metal to new heights. After more than two decades of playing sold-out concert halls, selling millions of albums and enduring various lineup changes and solo projects, Van Halen is recognized as one of the most resilient and successful rock bands to emerge from the 1970s and continue into the 1980’s. Eddie and Alex Van Halen were raised in Pasadena, the children of Dutch immigrants who immigrated to California in 1967. The Van Halen brothers grew up taking

  • Descriptive Vacation

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    The limo came to a halt, letting out all of its passengers and into the place where many famous feet have walked the halls and crazy things took place. WHOOSH,feet were lifting in the air, like an angel taking off into outer space, where adults and kids had large grins on their face, exploring the outside and differences from America. Everywhere someone can turn, they see adults with exceptionally large drinks in their hands, gift shops everywhere but most importantly: everyone was having an amazing

  • The Music Of Guns N ' Roses '

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    Guns N’ Roses is a heavy metal band that helped the rise of heavy metal as the mainstream genre in the 1980’s. Their music has a unique sound with influences from heavy metal and hair metal/glam metal periods. One song that illustrates both of these musical influences is the song “Welcome to the Jungle” on the album “Appetite for Destruction”. The members of Guns N’ Roses got their start as a band in Los Angeles, California. At the time of their band rising to fame, America was still in the transition

  • Vans Study Essay

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    Vans Assignment Answers Candice (Shuang) Zhang Oct. 10th 1. What were some of the key characteristics of Vans’ earliest customers in the 1960s and 1970s? What was the public perception of skateboarding during this er In 1960s, Vans Doren set out to make the most durable and affordable casual deck shoe in the market. Unlike other shoes manufactures, Vans sold its sneaker directly to customers out of its own retail store in Anaheim, California. Customers could enjoy customized Vans. But the

  • Families Portrayed In Roddy Doyles Books Essays

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         Why do we hear so much about family these days? Perhaps it is because relationships between family members are assumed to be the prototype for all other social relations. In the novels, The Commitments, The Snapper and The Van, Roddy Doyle shows his support of the family as an institution. Each character demonstrates strength and direction within the family unit. However, when the stability of the family is threatened, each character breaks down along with the family itself

  • The Assassin - Short Story Essay

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    The Assassin - Short Story He just lay there, on the wet ground, for hours. He looked as though he was just casually waiting and that it was perfectly normal to lie on the ground. After a few hours it started to rain heavily, though this did not discourage him in the slightest as he just carried on lying there, looking comfortable and content. Once in a while a car would drive along the lonely road and the people inside would stare in his direction but the long

  • Pros And Disadvantages Of Campervans

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    In the event that you need to go on an excursion that takes you off the beaten track, where voyagers at times go, the most ideal approach to do it is to lease RVs for contract and spend your vacation out and about. Leasing RVs for contract is not as costly as staying in lodgings, hotels or quaint little inn, and it is unquestionably a stage up from hiking and dozing at campgrounds. RVs to contract offer a great deal of comfort to visitors, particularly on the off chance that they are going with