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  • The Night - Original Writing

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    She rushed home after work telling Rachael of her dinner plans for the night and she promised she wouldn’t interrupt them. She did however want a full report of the night’s events the following day. Lila had decided to go with something more casual since they weren’t actually going out for dinner this time. She settled for a pair of jeans and soft green sweater. She twirled around a couple of times happy with the way things fit, put on her coat and headed out. As she rode up the elevator to his

  • Analysis Of ' The ' Omaha '

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    Omaha. Omaha is one of the places that when it is cold it is cold. When it is hot it is hot. It is so hot that you do not even sweat because the heat just swipes it off your face. It was one of those days that if you stepped outside you would be as red and crisp as a tomato. I am Rebekka Dunn and am known for passing out in extreme heat and taking a while to wake up. Today of course we have to have a five hour tournament. I pull on my blue long sleeve shirt and slip on my black spandex.Our uniform

  • Marketing Plan For The Bakersfield Nestle Ice Cream Facility Essay

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    Overview In this segment, one will be showing the implementation plan that has the capability of being successful in the organization. The document will be giving a detailed description of the strategy chosen in the Bakersfield Nestlé Ice Cream Facility regarding the improvements in the beginning of the run and offline sensory program. Consequently, one will be pointing out the issues foreseen regarding the implementation of the new strategy chosen to improve the consumer 's trust and preference

  • Descriptive Essay About Taco Madre

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    friends and I combined the individual tables to make a gigantic seating arrangement suitable for the six of us. I ordered a Mahi-mahi, which is fried fish; there is an option of flour or corn tortilla, and for dessert I ordered flan. The flan had vanilla ice cream, cherries, and whipped cream added to the top. The Mahi-mahi was cooked to perfection, and the flan consisted of sugary ingredients, and the sweet taste filled my mouth. Another factor that struck out to me was

  • My Little Bit Of Country By Susan Cheever

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    Why is vanilla ice cream with chocolate powder better than chocolate ice cream with crushed Oreo? Is it because of the combine, which makes one better than the other, or is because of you own habits, because you have been eating the vanilla ice cream with chocolate powder since you can remember. It is perhaps about the individual personality. If you are a person who likes it the way it always have been or if you are a person who live by the idea: “new is always better”, you might like old ritual

  • Descriptive Essay About A Restaurant

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    I was walking into my very first Michelin-starred restaurant in the center of downtown Prague. At the entrance there were glass doors decorated with an abstract design of vines and flowers. To the right of that, there was a large, bronze statue with a lady whose face was perfectly symmetrical. Her hair was short and her legs and arms were delicate and slender. The lady had nothing on except cloths that were carefully draped over her legs. To the left of her, there was a fireplace constructed with

  • Evolution Of Chocolate Vs Vanilla

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    The two amazing flavors, which add sweetness in one’s life are chocolate and vanilla. Most people have at least tried one of these flavors. Some prefer chocolate over vanilla whereas some like vanilla over chocolate. However, both flavors are very tasty and useful in everyday life. Because of these flavors, there have been the origins of various foods like cake, milkshakes, ice cream, and much more. The versatile article “Food of the Gods: A History of Chocolate” on Random History provides a top

  • Graeter's Business Analysis

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    Graeter’s was founded in 1870 by Louis Graeter and Regina Graeter. Over the past decades there has been many elements that have not changed till this day, for example according to Running a Business: Part 1 they've been using simple fresh ingredients like they’ve used when they first began their business. Another element that has not changed over the past decades is that they continued making ice cream in small batches to maintain the quality, texture and flavor. One last element that’s remain the

  • Candy Land: Hydraulic Steel Roller Coaster Ride

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    Candy Land is a brand new, hydraulic steel roller coaster ride, using an abundant amount of modern technology, recently added to Hershey Park. It contains as much as 100 foot drop, also including loops, and a corkscrew around delicious ice cream. Not only is there scrumptious looking scenery, but also the roller coaster has an average speed of 60 miles per hour, nevertheless the roller coaster can reach speeds up to 85 miles per hour. Also, this ride is guaranteed to be the most magical part of

  • Sentient Consciousness Research Paper

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    experiences exclusively. Having a combination of these two is the first half of what I believe makes me human. Although, we can start to break each of theses opinions down further to better understand this belief. If consciousness were a bowl of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup then sentience is the split banana and cherry on top in the sense that they both compliment each other completing this proverbial sundae. Consciousness forms the base while sentience is the rest. Now for humans, having