Vasant Panchami

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    yellow flowers of the mustard crop. People dress in yellow saris or shirts or accessories. Some add saffron to their rice than eat yellow cooked rice Basant Panchami, one of the most popular festivals of Hindu, is dedicated to goddess Saraswati, the deity of knowledge and all forms of arts. Every year this special occasion falls on the panchami Tithi according to Hindu mythology. The day of Magh is also the beginning day of spring. The Goddess stands for serenity and peace. Generally placed on a lotus

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    New Year’s Day/ New Year’s Eve Happy New Year Everyone! As we go into 2018, we look to new horizons and opportunities. The best time to start a new beginning is now. Here in the U.S. we pop the champagne and watch the ball drop; whereas, in England, the first guest after the New Year brings good fortune. “The English custom for welcoming New Year is full of hospitality and warmth. They believe that the first guest for the year would bring fortune for them. He should be a male, should enter through

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    u Ghosh Ms. Nederend November 20, 2015 Comparison Essay: Buddhism and Hinduism While many aspects of Buddhism are based off of Hinduism, the two religions are very different. People have been practicing these two religions for years. Buddhism and Hinduism originated in India it is the most common religion in India. Buddha was born in Siddhartha Gautama, he taught a lot of things like noble eightfold path and truth. Both religions are one of the most influential religions that have

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