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  • The Effects Of Fire On Different Types Of Vegetation

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    force in its nature, which can threaten our very existence as living organisms. In South Africa, people have burnt and cleared vegetation resulting in the disturbance of the natural succession of

  • Discuss the Relative Importance of Physical and Human Factors in Accounting for Changes to Vegetation over Time Within Ecosystems in the British Isles (40 Marks)

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    Discuss the relative importance of physical and human factors in accounting for changes to vegetation over time within ecosystems in the British Isles (40 marks) The British Isles can be found in the Northern Hemisphere where deciduous forest is the main biome. Here physical and human factors have accounted for changes to the vegetation for many years. Human factors can include tourism, agriculture, urbanisation, interception and deforestation. Physical factors can be such things as natural disasters

  • Relationship Between Land Use / Land-Cover And Normalized Difference Vegetation Index

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    4.6. Relationship between land-use/land-cover and Normalized difference vegetation index Normalized difference vegetation index maps extracted from near infrared and red-bands of the study periods indicated that different LU/LC has different NDVI values. As NDVI is related with the vegetation condition, the value varies from area to area based on vegetation intensity of the sites. Plantation and shrub land have the highest NDVI value than other classes (Fig. 4.6). Figure 4.6: Zonal statistical

  • Pine Forests Of The Colorado Plateau

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    Ponderosa pine forests of the Colorado Plateau cover a large portion of the higher mesas and mountains from elevations of 6000 to approximately 8000 feet. They often form almost pure stands encompassing tens of thousands of acres at elevations above 6500 feet in the southern area. Located southwest of Flagstaff to the White Mountains of eastern Arizona, the Mogollon Rim comprises the southern edge of the Colorado Plateau in Arizona. The escarpment reaches close to 200 miles across central Arizona

  • Modeling The Agrometeorological Indices Of The Surface Temperature

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    uncertainties in models which use the MODIS 8-day that is a composite of once-daily overpass at ~ 10:30 h local time. In this case, the radiometric temperature is determined under a view angle at the satellite overpass time, using emissivities based on vegetation classes at a 1-km grid that differs from that of the MODIS pixel location. The parameterizations involved in the agrometeorological indices by using the SAFER algorithm in this chapter were done in Brazil with simultaneous satellite and field measurements

  • Describe The Fynbos Biome

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    name given to the indigenous vegetation that puts the garden. Many plants that are popular worldwide today had their origins in the fynbos biome. Many fynbos species are typically confined to acidic nutrient-poor sandstone soils. Fynbos is the name given to a type of vegetation. It is a shrubby, hard-leaved, evergreen type of vegetation. Fynbos is characterized by the presence of reed-like plants. Fynbos makes up sixty seven percent of the fynbos biome. It is the vegetation that gives the Cape region

  • Plant Species Observation Paper

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    To gather a comprehensive collection of the plant species found on the SCICON property. Observations will be made of plant associations, slope and soil conditions. The results will aid us in determining vegetation composition and create vegetation profiles of the area. Tulare County, with the exception of the National Parks, has one of the least known floras in California. Since much of the valley floor has been converted to agricultural purposes and the foothills dedicated to ranching, there

  • A Brief Note On Floods And Its Effects On Soil Conditions

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    LANDSLIDES Content 1. Definition 2. Occurrence of Landslides 3. Causes of Landslide 3.1. natural causes 3.2. anthropogenic causes 4. Types of Landslides 4.1. slides 4.2. falls 4.3. Topple 4.4. flows 4.5. lateral spread 5. Effects 6. Evaluation of Landslides 7. Prevention and remediation of landslides 8. Conclusion 1.Definition: Landslide is the general term used to describe the down slope movement of soil, rock, and other earth materials under the effects of

  • Term Paper On The Greenock Region, South Australia

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    McDougall 1607680 Introduction Vegetation is important to conserve, especially in or near built up areas where it can easily become obsolete due to expansion or otherwise. In areas such as the Greenock region, South Australia, vegetation often gets split into fragments spread across the landscape. This has many implications for the conservation of both vegetation and animals in the region. In order to revegetate and conserve any vegetation in the area, a suitable site (or sites) must

  • Persuasive Essay On Forest Fires

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    Forest fires are not uncommon in the west coast but rising temperatures and global climate change have been leading to drier and drier seasons in many areas, making wildfires a growing concern. The west coast has both the largest number of wildfires as well as the most severe, starting from 100 acres and above (Donegan, 2016). Southern California is a frequent location for wildfires each year due to its dry weather and hot temperatures during the summer, and the Santa Clarita region alone has had