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  • Contributions And Influence : Jacopo Bassano : The Renaissance

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    Rogan Crumley The Renaissance When the Renaissance started in the 1300s in Florence Italy, it was the end of dark times("The Renaissance"). It started a period of rebirth for the arts of Ancient Greek and Rome. During this time Rome started to rediscover the works of the Greeks and Romans(The Renaissance 00:40:00). There were also many innovations not only in art, such as the printing press. This enthusiasm spread all around Europe. The Renaissance spread to France, Germany, England and by

  • Similarities Between Modern And Modern Music

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    which increased his popularity. He also released his first official single "Go'n Be Gone" on the Fairplay Entertainment label. Then Losnegård appeared on NRK's Lydverket magazine, and signed to Universal Music Norway. And finished high school Skeisvang High School in Haugesund, where he studied music. In 2011

  • Analysis Of Canzon Septimi A 8

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    Many ensembles across the world dedicate time to learning and performing early renaissance music. When practicing music not from this era, it is easy to perform it incorrectly and not give the work the justice it deserves. Ensembles that do not take careful time and consideration to study the style of early music and the techniques they must use when performing these pieces, ultimately fail when attempting to perform early music. When performing early music, such as Canzon Septimi Toni a 8, musicians

  • Venice - Venice Against The Sea

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    Brianna Couture Professor Romero July 7th 2014 Venice Against The Sea "Venice is evolving into a crumbling museum" says Keahey. In his extensively researched book, Venice against the Sea, Keahey states Venice has sunk six feet over the past 1000 years. While its historical importance as a major hub for trade is over, it remains economically lucrative due to its historically rich Myth of Venice and its significant cultural importance. Venice against the sea describes how the city is being assaulted

  • The Human Desire For Wealth And Inclusion

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    audience. What makes some ads memorable and others forgettable? The product may be visually appealing, from a desirable brand, or presented as a solution to the viewer’s problem such as anti-aging cream for wrinkles. Such is the case for an ad for The Venetian resort and casino in Vanity Fair, a high-end magazine. Featured in the ad is an older woman sitting invitingly on a luxurious white bed with bountiful pillows. This ad may appeal to a high socio-economic class of viewers with a desire to belong in

  • Theme Of Identity In Othello

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    is willing to accept that he is racially different, as he seems to recognize his status. I tend to sympathize with Othello because he easily influenced, insecure, and a benevolent heart for Desdemona. Othello relies heavily upon engaging with the Venetian culture and his identity as the military general. The two stories draw parallel to each other because Othello’s identity is not

  • Eulogy For Othello

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    Distinguished guests and citizens of Cyprus and Venice, it is with great sadness we gather today to say goodbye and pay our respects to Othello, a man who was of great heart. The common ache the we collectively share is reflected in this mornings, a day of great sorrow, dull, grey, rainy sky. For those of us who liked Othello and now grieve in his tragic passing knew him in the many differing titles he held; leader, warrior, husband. But I, knew him as a colleague but above all else a friend. This

  • How A Partial Biography Could Be Harmful For A Painter? Lorenzo Lotto

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    “How a partial biography could be harmful for a painter? Lorenzo Lotto’s peripatetic career in Vasari’s Lives” (I still need a better title) Why do we read Vasari’s Lives? Surely not for the historical accuracy of the data he provides us nor for his scientific approach to the artist’s biographies. We read what we consider a masterpiece of Italian literature mainly because, instead of concentrating on long tedious enumeration, exegetical and philological details or monotonous galleries of portraits

  • Flooding In Venice : The Bay Of The Venetian Lagoon

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    Venice is a famous city located in northeastern Italy, and is officially a UNESCO world heritage site. It is composed of 118 islands tucked within the Venetian Lagoon. The bay of the Venetian Lagoon is enclosed by the enormous Po and Piave Rivers. Centuries ago around 450 A.D, its location was selected based on the original settlers’ desires for a remote and inaccessible location. In fact, Venice’s first inhabitants were refugees that had fled after the collapse of the Roman Empire. Currently, Venice

  • Education and America

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    Are Teachers Responsible? In his article “Kenneth Cole Gets Schooled” David Sirota writes, “Taking an honest look at America’s education system brings up queries about why other less economically stratified nations have unionized teachers and far better academic results than here in America (761)” Students in other countries such as Korea, Finland, Japan, the Netherlands, and Canada have far better academic results than those in America, yet the teachers are not the one who need to be accepting