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  • The Silence And Serenity Of The St. Joseph 's Abbey Property

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    From the moment that I stepped out of the car and onto the St. Joseph’s Abbey property I noted that there was a silence, which was peaceful and unusual for me. The dichotomy between the loud sounds of students walking out of Hogan and cars speeding by at Holy Cross and the silence of the monastery apart from our group of students conversing with one another was particularly striking. This really surprised me because it was unusual for me to be in such a calm and silent place and I instantly felt

  • Personal Praise And Prayer In Psalm 116

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    Exegesis Psalm 116 Psalm 116 is a prayer of Thanksgiving the book of psalms represents so many crucial elements we need for our everyday walk with God. Psalms brings up the importance of personal praise and prayer to and with God. The word Psalms translates to praise or song of praise in our walk with God praise is crucial. When we praise and worship it brings us closer to God in a deeper personal level which represents how we walk our our lives day to day. In prayer it is our opportunity to hear

  • Summary Of The 124th Psalm

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    Introduction In the 124th Psalm, voice is given to a beautiful question about the tragic reality that would have been theirs if their “help” had come from anyone but the LORD. The “what if?” question is worth asking, and numerous moments recorded in the Hebrew Bible speak of times of strife where, in the end, “God comes through.” Dr. Toni Craven describes the whole of the Psalms as “a self-contained religious library of prayer in that it incorporates an enormously wide spectrum of issues and reflects

  • Reflection Of Psalm 121

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    I read this passage to Cindy a few times over the last 2 ½ years. It always seemed to bring her peace as she processed her next step in this journey. Psalm 121 seems to speak of the tough times in our lives and how we can still find peace. God does not live in some celestial tower, far away from the world God created. God cares for all the people and all of creation. God cares for us amidst all the twists and turns of life’s journey. It is that conviction which inspires Psalm 121, a Psalm I read

  • Comparing and Contrasting Casino Royale and The Spy Who Loved Me

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    Beneath the beauty, they are also expected to be intelligent women that help Bond in his missions. Although both Bond girls have many similarities, they also have many differences which have played a big part in the change of the target audience. Vesper, the

  • Casino Royale Essay

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    scenes. Vesper Lynd herself, in a departure from the usual Bond love-interest, shows herself to be so much more than just the typical air-headed, glamorous Bond blonde. She is devious and cunning, proving to be more than a match for him in planning and plotting, illustrating that she is so much more than the window-dressing Bond girls of yore. One of my favourite scenes, she unexpectedly joins Bond for dinner whilst he is travelling to Montenegro by train. Bond quickly susses out Vesper as being

  • Analysis Of James Bond 's ' The Bond Girl 's Wet Dream '

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    Frivolous Self James Bond has been described as “an adolescent boy’s wet dream”(Kingsley,2). This description isn’t far off, fast cars, gorgeous women, ridiculously extravagant villains, and of course, dozens of explosions pepper every novel and movie. Many believe that the success of the Bond franchise relies on the heavy use of the numerous outlandish villains and childish antics, yet the women in the novels play crucial roles in establishing love and suspense. These women are put into unfortunate

  • Mars Desper : A Short Story : Mars Vesper

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    Mars Vesper had always been more of a rebellious type, so when his mother told him that he was grounded and had to stay home, his thoughts were elsewhere. Sure, he respected his folks, but he felt the reason he got grounded in the first place was stupid. He has been suspended from school for back-talking a teacher who, in his eyes, didn’t know what she was talking about in the first place. Things got pretty heated when said “You’re just a know it all who doesn’t have shit better to do than scold

  • Sugar Rush Narrative Essay

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    Today I decided to take Vesper to a quaint little candy shop called Sugar Rush. (Idk if this is an actual candy store but I don't own it if it is.) We were filling little baggies with all of the candy our childish hearts desired, giggling and joking around. I had a mix of purely chocolate, and Vesper was just getting hard candy, and gum because "duh it's the best kind of candy", according to Vesper. I was reaching out to grab some sour gummy worms when Vesper grabbed my arm, causing me to drop

  • Casino Royale Espionage

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    “The name’s Bond. James Bond.” A short, simple phrase to introduce one of the most famous fictional spies ever created. James Bond’s stories are entertaining thrillers but it causes one to wonder, is that all it is? Entertainment? Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale is a Bond novel that portrays the reality of espionage, to some extent, while also maintaining the flare that makes it fiction. On the realistic side, Fleming gives you an inside look at the bureaucracy of espionage and the mystery behind the