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  • Video Games And The Video Game Industry

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    the gaming demographic, but the industry hasn’t done much to make them feel welcome. During the last decade, the mainstream video game industry has seemed to operate under the same apparent assumptions: girls don’t play big action games, boys like the sexualization of girls in video games and won’t play as a female character unless she is heavily sexualized, and that girls play video games for the attention of boys. These assumptions are what allows the gaming industry to continue to focus on their

  • Video Games And The Video Game Industry

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    The video game industry has changed a lot since its inception, and a large part of that is due to the video game crash of 1983. Despite this, the market itself has remained roughly the same except for the actual devices in it. The quality of the video games has drastically improved over the years. Unfortunately, something that will never change are the greedy companies looking for a quick buck. While the video game industry has grown and improved since the crash, some similarities are starting to

  • Video Games And The Video Game Industry

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    In the year 2016, the video game industry hit an important milestone. As seen in this 2015-2019 analysis, the industry hit a market value of over $100,000,000,000: (“THE GLOBAL GAMES MARKET REACHES $99.6 BILLION IN 2016, MOBILE GENERATING 37%”). Just like today, 1983 was looking great for the future of video games. However, unlike today, 1983 did not go great for the video game industry, it went awfully. In 1983, the video game industry crashed and has not fully recovered to the value of the market

  • Video Games : The Video Game Industry

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    The video game industry is one that continues to grow exponentially with consumers spending over $22 billion dollars on the gaming industry in 2014 (association, 2015). This popularity brings the opportunity to produce a stream of games that continue to expand in their nature and impact on their audience. Video games are now artistic, social and collaborative, with many allowing massive numbers of people to participate simultaneously (htt). The collaboration of the video gaming industry doesn’t stop

  • Video Games And The Video Game Industry

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    Video Games and the Video Game Industry The video game Pong was introduced in 1972 and can be considered the beginning of the video gaming industry. Unlike the game Pong, the controversies surrounding video games today are not quite as simple. Certain media outlets often portray video games to be bad for individual’s health and behaviour. There are still some people in the world that believe video games are contributing to the decline of today’s generation. However, video games and their industry

  • Video Game Industry

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    Introduction: Video games are teachers that involve players into the virtual world. Nowadays, many video games include violence in many of its aspects such as war, stealing, slaying and many more. According to Video Games ProCon, “10 of the top 20 best-selling video games in the US contained violence.”(ProCon, 2014), they also believe that violent video games have not only cons but also pros; they stated that “Violent juvenile crime in the United States has been declining as violent video game popularity

  • The Effects Of Video Games On The Video Game Industry

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    An Atmosphere Unknown This is the future of the video game industry. Imagine looking through the eyes of your favorite video game character but in reality, you are actual sitting on the couch. Look to the left and you see R2-D2 trying to communicate to you. To the right, you have rebel fighters shooting at storm troopers that are attacking your home planet. Virtual reality lets you do all of this from the comfort of your home. However, Augmented reality lets you do this as well, but it is less virtual

  • Video Games And The Video Game Industry

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    Video games are a part of our entertainment industry and are more accessible than they have ever been. The video game industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the U.S. economy. According to Wallace (2014), the video game industry generated about $78.5 billion in revenue and only fell behind the film industry at $88.2 billion. As the industry continues to expand, so does the technology that gives the games more realism and immersion. Games depicting violence is becoming more graphic and detailed

  • Sexism in the Video Game Industry

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    1313 5 May 2014 Sexism Sells: The Male Dominated Video Game Industry Only 4% of video game titles released in the past 10 years feature a playable female character as the leading role, and there are even fewer female protagonists on the list of the top grossing video games (ESA). This trend of male dominated storylines is evident in other forms of media as well: movies and television shows tend to be centered around men, but video games show the least diversity in protagonists and often have

  • Video Game Industry : The Revolution

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    10/06/16 Video Game Industry: The Uprising Video games are luxury items owned by consumers of all ages. A worldwide phenomenon, video games delivered an impact towards social and technological society. The industry is flourishing, and will continue to flourish for the upcoming years. The expansion of such said luxury items comes with its set of pros and cons. Video games are an example of controversy and benefits. As many as ninety-seven percent of US kids age 12-17 play video games, contributing