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  • Violent Videogames

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    effects of videogames have been debated on whether it is harmful to kids.(Carey) During the years, various videogames have developed more gruesome content and have been blamed for crimes such as school shootings. But in recent searches people have found that studies connecting videogames and violence are frequently flawed. Additionally, people have stated that it influences kids into immoral behaviors but, it actually can improve their behavior. It is also scientifically proven that videogames are beneficial

  • Types Of Videogames

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    Which are the best videogames? For the past 40 plus years, videogames have taken over entertainment. With genres like first-person shooters, horror, massive multiplayer online role playing, open world, and strategy games being the biggest of them all. Many argue about which of these genres is the best, with most arguments ending in torn friendships or just any negative ending there is to offer. With these genres in mind, there are plenty sub genres. For now, we will focus on the general genre of

  • Videogames And Anxiety

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    Kiralyn Krizan English 3 1 August 2015 Do Videogames Relieve Stress and Help Anxiety? Many people buy videogames and play them these days. Some are even addicted to them, but are they too addicted to them were they might become the videogame. That may be the case if you’re on the computer 24/7 and not doing anything else. It has been shown that videogame can actually help relieve stress and help out with anxiety. They take your brain away from everyday life and give you a chance to relax and possibly

  • Videogame Transition

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    Transition 1: So hey, let us meet the guy who first invented our excitement for playing on screen as “The Father of Videogames”. Body: I. Clarify how the idea of the first video game console was made. A. According to the site (, 1999), the first home videogame console was developed by a man called Ralph H. Baer. 1. He started off with a Radio Technician Diploma and Bachelor of Science in Television Engineering, and then made his way up as a Division Manager and Chief Engineer for Equipment

  • Videogames A Sport

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    Is the art of playing video games a sport? Video games are indisputably a sport. The biggest argument over the past years has been that video games should not be considered a sport due to the lack of physical exertion. People claim that a sport is an activity that has to do with your body physically moving like basketball, football, etc. but take for instance chess. Chess is considered a sport in Asia, Europe, and in America; in fact, there is even an Olympiad for chess, in which no physical movement

  • Videogames Persuasive Speech

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    issue of videogame violence and children has come to the attention of the mass media. The media, politicians, and many parents are blaming videogames for violent acts among children and those less than 18 years of age. But could videogames be the sole cause of violent crimes among children? In the fall of 2005 I took a course here at Coker called Videogames – Analysis and Research. The most popular topic discussed in our class was Violence and Aggression as a result of Violent Videogames. We studied

  • Videogames and Violence Essays

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    Videogames and Violence In 1979 the United States was vehemently attacked by aliens from outer space, an event that was to forever change life on our planet. The release of Space Invaders for the Atari Video Computing System became an instant hit. Kids stopped listening to music, playing sports or going to movies, choosing instead to defend the nation from alien attack, from the safety of their television sets. The success of Space Invaders launched the video game revolution as the demand

  • Violent Videogames Dangerous?

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    Are videogames really that dangerous? The answer is a definite yes. All over America there are adolescents playing videogames that stimulate violence. Violent videogames introduce violence into your life and you may begin to think that stimulate violence. Video games introduce online bloodshed into your life and you may begin to think that violence is ok. Violent videogames are not healthy for teens. First of all, playing video games puts violence into the minds of the players and the players begin

  • Videogames Are Wired Essay

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    Wired Videogames have had a major technological impact on our culture today. Many people play videogames on a daily basis, and playing has become part of their daily routine. Many people believe that videogames have plagued the younger generation of gamers with violence, less life skills and stupidity. People have become biased about believing videogames are unorthodox and say things like all gamers brains rot when they play. They say we are mindless zombies. Unlike many say, videogames don’t decrease

  • The Revolution Of The Videogame Industry

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    There was a brilliant revolution in the videogame industry. The only brilliant thing to occur in this century I’d say. The makers of “Key to the Future” have created some of the coolest and most addicting games ever. This was their biggest thing yet. The goal of key to the future is to complete all the levels, simple. The challenges and puzzles you need to do to beat the levels are… much less so. They have made thirteen Key to the Future games (this great revolution being the thirteenth of them)