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  • The Vietnam War: The Conflicts In Vietnam

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    Conflicts in Vietnam began in 1945 but the official war did not start until the election of Ngo Dinh Diem in 1955. Before World War II, Vietnam was French’s territory. During WWII, Japanese overtook the Vietnam but ended up leaving short after when WWII ended. This gave France the chance to gained control of South Vietnam and the North was under communist rule of China under Ho Chi Minh. Under Ho Chi Minh’s rules people in the north were treated badly because people had no power of their own. Later

  • Vietgone, Vietnam, And The Conflicts Of The Vietnam War

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    themselves around the Vietnam War but differ vastly in their portrayal of that conflict, and its effects on their characters. Both works tell the story of a romance that has been complicated by war and conflict. Vietgone stylizes the story of the playwright Qui Nguyen’s parents, who met in the United States in the aftermath of the Vietnam War and portrays a specific individual take on a historic event. Miss Saigon, however, reworks the opera Madame Butterfly, to fit the context of the Vietnam War without much

  • Essay about Conflict Theory in Vietnam

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    The history of Vietnam is one of great struggle and conflict. For centuries the vietnamese people have had no choice but to change their society by force in order to gain their own freedom and independence. Pivitol events in Vietnamese history such as the Battle of Bach Dang in 939 and the Battle of Dien Bien Phu in 1954 are examples of how the conflict theory brought change to Vietnamese society and culture. For centuries Vietnam had been under Chinese rule. The Vietnamese people were an oppressed

  • The Vietnam War Was A Conflict

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    The Vietnam War was a conflict between the communist army of North Vietnam and the Viet Cong against South Vietnam began in 1954. The United States began their involvement in the Vietnam War by supporting the democratic South Vietnam with weapons and soldiers. Many Americans were divided due to opposition of the US involvement with the war. It was the era of social movements like mexican american social activism, and anti-Vietnam War activism. I have interviewed a Vietnam veteran named Ernie

  • The Conflicts And Causes Of The Vietnam War

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    Robert Brigham writes that the Vietnam War, 1954-1975, started as a conflict between Vietnam and France. After many years, the French could no longer keep control in Vietnam and resulted in the French making a peace agreement with Vietnam in Geneva, Switzerland in 1954. The United States did not agree with this, so President Eisenhower created the “Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO).” In 1955, the Government of the Republic of Vietnam (GVN or South Vietnam) was created. Later that year, Ngo

  • The Conflict between China and Vietnam Over Territory

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    My article summarizes the fact that as a result of the conflict between China and Vietnam over territory, the anti-Chinese protests intensify. This is displayed as the protesters torch factories in a Vietnamese industrial park. The article, Protestors torch factories in southern Vietnam as China protests escalate, was written on May 15th, 2014 by Euan McKirdy. As per reports, a variety of properties were damaged by the furious mob, but the main target were the factories owned by Chinese firms. The

  • The Vietnam War Was A Damaging Conflict

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    Victoria Valean Professor William Mack U.S. History 2 16 April 2015 Vietnam War The Vietnam War was a damaging conflict that left deep scars on all the people and countries that were involved. About 60,000 American lives were taken and an estimated 2,000,000 Vietnamese were killed or wounded. That is about 10 percent of Vietnam’s population. Many bombs, weapons, and chemical warfare destroyed Vietnam’s infrastructure and land. Not only did this war bring destruction to Vietnam’s physical country

  • Guatemala And Vietnam : Analyzing Civil Conflicts

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    Leobardo Espinoza Jr Prof. Stathis Kalyvas PLSC 359: Violence & Civil Strife Final Paper April 26th, 2015 Guatemala & Vietnam: Analyzing Civil Conflicts Studying civil wars can be a very complicated endeavor. This is because the topic is very difficult to break down. When scholars study civil wars, there are many variables that can’t be controlled that can skew data. This makes finding interactions between different variables more difficult. Their complex entanglement, in addition to there being

  • The Vietnam War Was A Brutal Conflict

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    The Vietnam War was a brutal internal conflict between North and South Vietnam over the North 's attempt to spread communism. Taking place between 1961 and 1975, it became America 's second longest war. This battle destroyed countless villages, farmlands, forests, and neighboring countries of Vietnam. It took the lives of about two million Vietnamese soldiers and civilians, and over fifty-eight thousand American soldiers. In an effort to cease the spread of communism, many American troops were sent

  • Vietnam War : A Cold War Era Conflict

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    Vietnam Conflict The Vietnam War was a Cold War-era conflict that started in 1946 and ended in 1974, taking nearly 30 years to resolve. The war was fundamentally a conflict between North Vietnam and South Vietnam, where the North was communist and South was not. The United States, France, the United Kingdom and other non-communist allies supported the non-communist South Vietnam. China, Russia (USSR), Cuba, Cambodia and other Communist allies supported the regime in the north. North Vietnam saw the