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  • Vietnamese Traditional Wedding : Chinese Culture, And Marriages

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    Vietnamese traditional wedding. Wedding day is the most important day for couples. But for Vietnamese people the wedding ceremony is not only important for couple but also for both families. I would like to share with everybody about Vietnamese traditional wedding. Most Vietnamese traditions and cultures have influenced by Chinese culture until today, so the wedding ceremony is also affected. Unlike the Western culture, in Vietnam after the bride was proposed by the groom, groom and his family have

  • The Cultural Customs Of America, Vietnam And China

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    Traditional Food 5. Wedding Customs • Wedding Dress • Wedding Ceremony 6. Conclusion Works Cited Executive Summary This report is about the social customs in America, Vietnam and China. Social customs include actions and behaviors that are expected of a particular culture, and people could learn the particular culture via its social customs. We introduced four aspects in the report: dining etiquette, gift presenting etiquette, festival celebration and the wedding process. We tried

  • Comparing Vietnam And The United States

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    the keep their traditional practices of their own culture. Wedding life, food, and the educational system are the typical things, which have the similarities and differences at the same time. Firstly, the wedding life for couples is significantly different even though it still has some few things similar. In both countries, the couples will an engagement ceremony before getting to an actual wedding ceremony. They both will receive wedding rings from their lovers. Also, they will sometime hold a reception

  • Ethnic Family Research Summary : Dating

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    Running head: DATING IN VIETNAMESE AMERICAN CULTURE 1 Ethnic Family Research Summary: Dating in Vietnamese-American Culture Rachel LeMay San Diego State University CFD 335: Interactions in Culturally Diverse Families; Dr. Booth November 13, 2014 DATING IN VIET. AMER. CULTURE 2 Abstract This paper focuses on one of the prevalent aspects of the life-experience of young people in modern urban Vietnamese American culture. This

  • Vietnam Love Story Essay

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    grandmother and mother usually tell children for many legendary folk tales to sleep well at night. For example, Sue God For Rain, The Golden Star Fruit Tree, Chu Dong Tu And Princess Tien Dung, and The Price of Love are many rattling good stories in Vietnamese folklore. However, Love Story Of My Chau And Trong Thuy is the best folktale I have ever heard since I was a child. It is involved in the important and true historical event in Vietnam. An Duong Vuong - a king of Au Lac nation, who built Co Loa

  • Culinary Experiences of the World: Vietnam Essay examples

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    throughout the US, and just about everywhere else too. It is a great way to eat out, as it is very inexpensive but very delicious. Some of the most used ingredients in Vietnamese cuisine are fish sauce, rice, and fresh greens. Traditional Vietnamese cooking doesn’t rely on oil. Instead it mainly uses herbs and vegetables. Vietnamese food is considered one of the

  • The Between Cultures And Cultures

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    The deferments between cultures It is great to be familiar with the cultures of any country because they are reflecting the nature and culture of people across country. The most amazing thing in the knowledge of civilizations is that you will see that there is partnership between countries and others in some of the habits and traditions. Perhaps you may wonder yourself why these people do this thing or how it had come to this tradition, etc. As an example of functions in Asia to look alike in some

  • Essay about I am Vietnamese, I am American

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    I am Vietnamese, I am American Durian fruit. When people ask me how I feel about my Vietnamese culture, the first thing that comes to mind is durian fruit. Unlike the strawberries or cherries found at Safeway, durian fruit at first glance does not even look edible. The entire fruit resembles a dirty old football, except that durian weighs nearly three pounds. One-inch spikes and a tough brown outer peel cover the fruit, giving it an intimidating look. Inside, yellow, kidney-shaped pieces line

  • Marital Vows: A Contemplation Essay

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    Marriage is a union to which one should not join lightly; subsequently, it is important for a couple to contemplate upon the relationship and what the couple is promising to do. Before promising another person how they will treat them during the marital relationship, one needs to take stock of their partnership, one’s feelings towards the other partner, and assess the capabilities of both persons. Next, it is important to examine one’s own likes, dislikes, and other pertinent information to the

  • 8 Week Pre-Marital Counseling Session Essay

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    LIBERTY BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY PRE-MARITAL CURRICULUM PROJECT A PAPER SUBMITTED TO DR. ELIAS MOITINHO IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE COURSE PREMARITAL AND MARITAL COUNSELING PACO 603 BY Timothy Rose LU03597943 July 10, 2011 Introduction and Rationale The community in which I reside is a very rural setting. It has not ascribed to the marriage covenant movement per say, however, the state has mandated that all marriage license fees be reduced by $32.50