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  • The Shanghai Cooperation Organization Is Only At The Initial Stage Of Its Development

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    Conclusion Thus, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is only at the initial stage of its development, there are obvious problems, but there is progress. After just five years since its foundation, it is developing a high-level cooperation in the fight against terrorism, separatism and extremism. There is the potential for qualitative steps in the fight against the drug menace, successfully developing economic cooperation, signed many important documents are created and continue to create the necessary

  • Harmful Militant Activism in "Black Bird' Essay

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    I believe there are two types of activism, one which constitutes confrontational action to get their point across, using only peaceful and educated means, and one which constitutes a policy of direct militant action to achieve a social or political goal. In the novel Black Bird, Michel Basilieres suggests that activism, displayed by the FLQ, is one of ethnic narrow nationalism which promotes violence and disruption of the civil peace for a cause that they, the FLQ, feel would produce a more egalitarian

  • Communism And The Soviet Union

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    Have you ever had a case of the hiccups that you just couldn’t seem to get rid of? You tried all the tricks in the book, from holding your breath, to standing upside down, but those pestering hiccups still stuck around? In a sense, many Eastern European countries had a persistent case of the hiccups, during the early 1990s, which they were trying to shake. Except this wasn’t your average case of the hiccups, these hiccups were called communism. Following the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, most

  • Essay about The Rise of Colonies and the Causes of Revolutions

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    The Rise of Colonies and the Causes of Revolutions Imperialism is known as taking over the political and military aspects of a territory and colonialism is the movement of a large amount of people from their home area to the newly seized region. Imperialism usually occurs first over an area and then comes the colonialism period of the newly apprehended territory (Soomo, 2013a). Discussion Discovery of North America occurred in 1492 by Christopher Columbus. There were already millions of Native

  • Essay on Expand Ukraine’s Political Ambitions

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    least. Politically, the Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych attempts to reform amending bills, while also socially ignoring the decline in press freedom. However, a major noteworthy article appeared on the stands: Ukraine goes offshore. This article is probably one of the most important events that occurred in November, which discusses revenue lost on offshore tax schemes. As an attempt to electronically expand Ukraine’s political ambitions, Viktor Yanukovych passed a recent bill early in November

  • Russian Vladimir Putin Addressed The World Concerning The Annexation Of Crimea

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    March 18, 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the world regarding the annexation of Crimea. A referendum that took place only days before resulted in an 82% turnout rate, with over 90% of the ballots casting in favor of Crimea’s reunification with Russia (“History: What does Crimea,” 2014). Many questioned the reasoning behind Russia’s sudden need to reestablish its hold on Crimea; legally a Ukrainian territory. The Russian- Ukrainian relationship dates back to the ninth to the mid-thirteenth

  • Ukraine Case Study

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    Introduction: The educational challenges endured by the Ukrainian government and its citizens is a suitable option for the final comparison paper against Finland. Ukraine shares a longstanding history with Russia having only attained independence in 1991, and aimed to cultivate a relationship with Western Europe, particularly the European Union (EU). Discouragingly, twenty six years after independence Ukraine wrestles with a depleted economy inherited from former and first President Leonid

  • Taking a Look at the Russian-Ukraine Conflict

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    The conflict stems from the result of the Government’s decision to turn down the European Union proposed “association agreement” in 2013 and instead Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych accepted fifteen billion dollars in aid and other economic benefits from Russian President Vladimir Putin. For years Ukrainians have yearned for economic reform that would seek to open new trade and economic ties with Western European countries. President Yanukovych’s decision to reject the EU’s proposal ignored

  • Authority and Conformity: The Demon Hidden Within

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    Why did I survive? Why did I massacre thousands of innocent people? How could this have happened? It was just a nightmare none of this can be real. It’s over and done with let’s just get on with our lives already. These are some of the thoughts I believe both the Nazi’s and prisoners had after the holocaust was over. Some people were guilt-ridden by their actions and the harsh decisions they had to make between their survival and the survival of someone else. Other took more of a sociopathic and

  • Are the Stories from the Holocaust Survivors with PTSD Reliable as Historical Sources?

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    World War and who was thus threatened by the policy of the ‘final solution’ but managed to stay alive.” (Kellermann, Natan P.F., 2009) Survivor and Psychologist Viktor Frankl often stops throughout his novel, attempting to save the reader from the horror. “ But mercifully I do not need to describe the events which followed.” (Frankl, Viktor E., 1959, Page 31) “It is easy for the outsider to get the wrong conception of camp life, a conception ingled with sentiment and pity. Little does he know of the